On the Looms

Kate is an 8 harness Jack Loom made by W H. Binder in Pasadena California

Waiting to be broken down and moved upstairs.

 Sears Hearthside loom

6 harness, 6 treadle

Hollywood Rug Warp

Lillian is a 4 harness counterbalance, with a sectional back beam. I am putting  on some Overshot this next project.  I put on 15 yards and do some sampling before I venture to add more.  The 15 yard warp is finished.  I got 7 Baby Blankets and 1 Couch Throw.  Next warp will be 40 yards the pattern will be "Cat Paws and Snail Trails" again.

Update:  February 2013

Will reload another 40 yards for more Baby Blankets.

Bread Cloths

Will be on Sears Hearthside loom 

Loom Art