Friday, July 12, 2019

Busy in the Garden

A few months have passed since I started my new sunny garden, and it is going well.  I knew that since it is a new garden that it would not produce like a well established garden plot.  However, we were able to get several months worth of lettuce, a good bit of yellow crooked neck squash, a few ears of delicious corn, loads of basil, and the tomatoes are beginning finally deciding to blush.

The tomato plants  that I started from seed are by far the best looking plants and they will be a good second crop since they did get a late start.  I think I should always do some staggered seed starts to extend the harvest.  The Roma and San Marcato sauce tomatoes have been giving me a couple tomatoes a day, so I have started washing, cleaning and chopping those few and popping them into the freezer in a gallon freezer bag.  Once I have enough to do a meal I will thaw them out and put them thru the "Vitorio Strainer".  It does a great job separating the pulp from the seeds and skin.

I have some spaghetti squash plants that have gone up and over my 16ft cattle panel trellis and they are loaded with huge fruit.  This is a first for me, and I am loving the fact that I can just let them grow!

I also put in several strawberry plants and some asparagus as well, we will see if I can keep up with these perennials garden plants.  The Strawberries want to make runners more than they want to make fruit and the first asparagus spears were about the size of a spaghetti noodle when they first started coming up, it will be a couple of years before we will be able to pick any for us to eat!

The flowers are doing well, Zinnia's in particular, there is a lone sunflower plant that did not come up where I had intended it to.  The daisy's are being shy and the cosmos is lying down on the job, I think it might have something to do with where "Jellybean" the orange tabby barn cat likes to take her nap!

The garden, and the grandkids have been taking up a good bit of my time this summer which is as it should be.  We have been doing a lot of going to the movies and making pasta noodles, my new favorite pastime!

For years I was afraid to even try to make pasta noodles, but once I helped my sister make them during a visit home this spring, there will be no turning back for this Pasta snob!  This is my latest batch, my SIL had shoulder surgery last week, so some of this will be heading over to her place with some sauce as well.  That is a lot of pasta, and yes it does take some time to do, but I watch my favorite YouTube channels while I am making the noodles and the sauce is bubbling on the stove.

There has been a little weaving, but that will be for a different post, as always until next time, keep making stuff,  Tina

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  1. Now I'm hungry! I got a manual pasta maker for my husband, thinking he'd like it, but he's only used it twice in the several years we've had it....