Thursday, June 21, 2018

Here and There

It is a busy summer already with increased yard work and visiting grandkids, but here and there I have a few minutes to work on a few things.  I am rethreading a warp up in the Studio for a shag rug sample, and downstairs I have another Honiton lace project on the pillow.  This time it is project 3 in  Susanne Thompsons "Introduction to Honiton Lace.

This one has many small flowers, that I initially thought would be a bore to do over and over again, but I am finding that as I do them over and over again, I am understanding better how they are done.  (they told me it would be like that, but you know how it is)

The instructions are really clear in this book and each chapter and project has a few pages explaining in depth what new skills are used.

I just finished the upper flower this morning, and next I will do the small tendril to it's left with a 10 pin braid.  In bobbin lace you are working from the wrong side of the project so that there are bits of thread visible where joins are made.  Those will be trimmed more neatly when the project is finished.

It is customary to cover your lace when you are not working on it.  I have, for the last couple of years been collecting interesting white hankies when I come across them at antique shops . I find them comforting to have in your pocket and purse for an itchy nose or a stray tear, and now they have another job, I have pulled one or two out to serve as a lace preservers when the bobbins are quiet.

Have a good week and sneak in a few crafting minutes  when you can, you will be better for it,  Tina

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