Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow Day

I had big plans for today, LouAnn and I were going on a big "wheeling and dealing" road adventure, but  the weather forecast got in our way, we postponed the road trip, and as I look out the studio window, I am glad we did.  There are a couple of inches of the white stuff on the ground and the road looks quite slushy.  ( I would have been disappointed if we had called the trip off for nothing!)   Somehow unexpected time makes for a great studio day! 

This week, I have done many things that have been on my list for organizing for awhile.  I found a place for my Bosworth spindle collection,

I managed to get a fleece washed that had been hanging around since spring. (There are a couple more in bags and ready to wash. ) I also was able to sort through some of my fiber stash and pass on to others what did not make me smile.

 I have sold a spinning wheel that was not being used and I am in the process of buying a different kind of wheel that I think will be quite useful. (that postponed road trip!)

I have sold a rug loom  that needed more restoring than I am willing to do, (why do I do that to myself?)  and I am looking for a "ready to weave" rug loom. (I may have located it!)

Each year I try to learn something new.  Last year it was cotton spinning, this year it is going to be silk spinning.  With that in mind I  have found all the silk I had on hand, most of it was blended with wool, or even some silk mawata (hankies) and I have ordered a couple of different presentations of silk, some tussah roving which is a lovely honey colored silk, and I bought some hand dyed bombyx brick from a shop on Etsy.  There was another listing on Etsy that caught my eye several times but because of the price tag I hesitated to splurg.  Last month I had a birthday, and for that special day my son got me an Etsy gift card and my first thought was that listing that had caught my eye!

Yup, I did it, I ordered that kilo of bombyx brick straight from China.  As I eagerly tracked the package, it seemed like it was stuck on the dock in China for days, but I figured it hadn't been scanned when it left the dock.  Sure enough it showed up on my doorstep on Wednesday, and it is all I can do to not drop everything and dive right in!

 As promised there were 8 silk bricks in the package, more lovely than anything I have seen in the fiber world to date.

I have plenty to develop my silk spinning skills don't you think?

I have taken off just a tiny bit and spun it up on a supported spindle, but I am holding off on the rest until I finish up a few projects in the studio, because I know that once I get started on this silk, it is going to be difficult to stop!

This weeks weaving news will be posted on the Tuesday Weavers blog  "Loomy Tunes" that you can find on my blog list.

Happy snow day, Tina

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