Friday, January 13, 2017

New to Me

Monday thru Wednesday this week was CRAZY!  LouAnn and I finally got to do the road trips we had scheduled for last week.  Monday we drove to Crossville, TN to meet a buyer for one of my wheels that I had decided needed a new home where it will be used more
Tuesday,  I drove to Elizabethton, TN to pick up a Great Wheel that has the accelerator head on it. (more on that later) I will be using it to spin cotton and probably silk.

Then on Wednesday, LouAnn and I made a trip to R&M yarns in Georgetown, TN.  They had a set of sectional rakes that I wanted to put on one of my looms.  We did the usual look at the yarns available and I might have purchased a some of that as well.  I will have to wait to put the rakes on the loom, until I finish the warp that is currently on the back beam, it is really going to make warping this loom easier.

The thing that made this Great Wheel so desirable was the accelerator head that increases the twist insertion per rotation of the drive wheel.  For example, on the wheel  that I got from LouAnn, that does not have the "speed it up" head, it would take up to 7 or 8 rotations of the drive wheel to make cotton yarn strong enough to wind onto the spindle.  With the new wheel, I can do a complete length in 4 rotations max, that is really good news!

Just a bit of cotton on the new wheel.

I promised LouAnn that I would still be using the Great Wheel I got from her to spin wool, an today I did a bunch of it!

In fact I did 2 whole spindles full, and I found a cone in the box of this same shetland wool that I had spun ages ago, so that once I spin up one more spindle full, I will have enough done to ply a good sized skein of soft yarn to use in some of my upcoming weaving projects.

You can never have too much yarn!

Until next time, keep on Crafting, Tina

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