Saturday, December 10, 2016

Looking Forwards Not Backwards

I was looking back over the last couple of posts, and I realize that I am  a distracted and disorganized crafter.  I have so many irons in the fire that the fires are all about to go out from neglect.  The rug loom that I saved from the elements is standing in the corner waiting, the Nigora fleeces are still unwashed, and there is many looms and spinning wheels that have been under utilized this year.   In my defense, this has not been a good crafting year, surgeries and family life have kept me from the Studio all year long.

I decided last week to mentally go through all the things that I like to do, to see if I can cull anything. Here is my list of crafts with the tools:
Spinning (5 spinning wheels + various spindles)
  Fiber prep (combs, carders, etc)
Knitting (Knitting needles galore)
Weaving (4 floor looms, 1 table top and 2 converted band loom)
and the new arrival,
Bobbin lace ( 2 lacemaking pillow, and lots of bobbins)

This list does not include the books, yarns and fleeces that go along with these crafts.  You may notice that I have not taken up Dye(ing), I just do not have the time or room to go into that sport. (Though I do have an indigo dye kit from Dharma that is awaiting next summers warm weather)  I can't bear to give any of it up just yet.

Just recently I have been able to get to some spinning, weaving and a bit of lace, but I am hoping to be able to do even better in 2017.  In the past I have found that a good Studio reorganization day or two does wonders for my creative energies, (a custom baby blanket order doesn't hurt either), I usually find things I had forgotten about,  yarns, old project ideas,  and new inspiration. So as my thoughts turn towards the new year,  I think that is what I will do, and  I may not wait until January!

Parting shot, new bobbin lace project, just getting ready:

Until next time, Keep on Crafting, Tina

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