Friday, July 8, 2016

Land of No Return

The last week has been full of visiting with out of town Children and Grandchildren, so not a whole lot of Studio work got done.  But, I did manage to wash that old loom down, and decide how much I was going to do to refurbish it.  I had a choice,  I could have just left it cleaned from dust and dirt, cleaned off the rust and set it up to weave. (That is my normal MO!)  But this time the finish on the  front half of the loom was totally ruined, so I made the decision to go down to bare wood.  EEEK!

I worked on it a little bit today, I started with the front treadle beam and treadles and the breast beam.  I had already gotten rid of the dust and dirt, but the wood was almost grey, and when I had put a little of the Danish oil on it to see what it looked like, it was not going to look good at all, so I went out and bought some sand new paper and some fresh Danish oil.

 I am in the process of taking off the treadle eye bolts so that I can get to that beautiful wood.  They will be freed from rust, and put back to good use.  This is going to take awhile, but I think it will be well worth it!

You may be able to see that the treadle on the far left has been sanded.   I used coarse paper, and it will get 2 more passes, one with medium paper and one with fine paper.  I can't wait to get the Danish oil on it, but I am trying to be patient.

I did just a bit on the breast beam, and then it was time to fix our lunch and take the rest of the day off.
Next week I hope to take down the little Cambridge loom that is in the weaving studio, I ran out of steam last week and just couldn't do it.  Once it has gone back to the Annex at the Center, I will have room to move the new Cambridge in, as each piece is finally refinished.

I will continue to post updates on this loom restoration project as it progresses.  I am in the middle of fleece washing too, this month 4 shetland, 1 Jacobs and some of this years 8 Nigora fleeces.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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  1. Now....this is dedication! That loom is going to look fantastic!