Friday, July 15, 2016

A Little Progress

I have made a very small amount of progress this week on the rug loom.  There are just too many other things screaming for my attention.

I have here all of the treadles, the front beam and the little treadle spacers, they have been sanded once.  My plan is to get everything thru the first sanding then move on from there.  I am cleaning the nuts and bolts as I go with Krud Kutters product.  (I like it!)

It is really hard for me to not just slap the loom together and get weaving, but I am going to stay strong, it is a bit like growing out bangs.   After months of managing the grow out phase, they irritate you for just a second and bam, you cut off 6 months growth in a nano second, then beat yourself up because you gave in.  (I am doing that too, the growing not the cutting!)

Today, I ran errands and one of those was to get some 1x6's to build a compost bin.  I have a lot of barn waste to deal with in the winter time.  In the past I have put it in piles and it was assimilated into the surrounding landscape.  This year I thought I would do things differently,  I went to the Lee Valley Hardware website, and I ordered, over the last month or two, 3 sets of compost brackets.  Once you have your brackets, you purchase 10, 8ft boards that are 1x6in, I had the friends in the big box store cut them all in half.

Once home, you construct the bins by placing the boards in the brackets and you end up with a really nice looking compost bin that is only lacking a cover, which I plan to get to sometime soon.  It looks really nice and it does a wonderful job of keeping it all contained.  I bought the 3rd and finally one today, and I went ahead and got the lumber.  Once the brackets arrive I am all set to put it together and turn some compost!

This time of year, I don't feed any hay, so that I only have goat berries to rake up in the morning, some mornings, like yesterday morning, there are 5 gallons worth!  I have started bagging it up in 2 gallon increments and I will take it along to the weaving center for some lucky gardeners to use.

That is about it for today, I hope all is well in your house, keep on crafting, Tina

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