Friday, January 16, 2015

Fluffy Stuff

I was sick recently, but only from the neck up, I took that time I was stuck at home, to start a studio over haul.  I posted over on about my first day adventure, but I didn't stop there!

The next day, I gathered all the spinning fleeces and fibers I have, and I inventoried the lot!  I put all the fibers that were ready to spin under the table, and I put all the wool fibers that still needed combing/carding on the shelves.  I put all the flax together in a bag, and all the silk hankies together in their bag and finally all the cotton fibers together, again in a bag.

By then I had gone thru 4 of the 7 shelving units in Studio A, and it was a good stopping place.  I have one fleece that I still need to wash, and 2 that I need to rewash as there is still a little bit of lanolin left in them, but that may wait until warmer weather.

My attention then turned to one of the Shetland fleeces that I have been using while I demonstrate spinning at the museum of Appalachia.  Lou Ann and I have nicknamed this fleece Jack Sparrow, cause that is what it looked like on the kitchen floor, when we were preparing to wash it!

I spent the better part of two days flicking open the lock of this large fleece.  This is a really interesting fleece, there is dark brown and grey and orangey brown all wrapped up together in the same fleece.   I really like how it spins up, you can see all those colors all at the same time!

 Once I had it all picked, I began to load it onto the drum carder.  I did batt after batt.  I think I counted at least a dozen!  Once they were all done, I split each batt in thirds, an mixed them up for the final go on the carder.
 Each time the drum carder was full, I used a diz to remove the fibers in a long "top" like bundle.  It is almost like combed top in that the fibers are all going the same direction, though there may be some slightly shorter fibers mixed with the longer ones.  True "top" has only the longest fibers.
Here is the same tub that started the day filled with fluffy fibers, and now it is all organized and ready to spin, and ready to join the other tubs under the table. (I am running out of room under the table!)  I hope to have all my washed fibers ready to spin by the end of January.

There are plans percolating, to turn Studio B into a spinning studio, and move all this spinning stuff across the hall.  Then all the fabric stuff that is over there can move into the weaving Studio A.  It just makes sense!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina