Monday, September 28, 2015

Latest Bobbin Lace project

 This pattern is from the same book as the last one.  "Making Lace with the Little Grey Bunny" this is pattern 5 in the book.  It is a square doily and it will be framed like last weeks project and presented as our "Mother's Christmas presents" this year.  They do not need to be worrying about keeping the little things clean!

This morning I made it back around to the beginning of the piece and I was ready to join the end to the beginning.   But I was out of time, and I had to put it up for the day.

Early tomorrow morning I will carefully tie the end to the beginning, but I will take it with me when I go to Norris, TN. to join my weekly weaving group the "Tuesday Weavers".  I have some ideas about how to improve my finishing techniques that I want to run by Carol, my weaving and lace instructor.

I used Gutermann's silk sewing thread again in the ecru color.  (I read something this week on the lace internet about this being a medium thread choice!) I was able to pick up some fine linen fabric for the inside of the pieces and I hope to have them both totally finished and ready to frame this week.

This is crunch week for me in the studio as well, because next week is the "Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia".  It is a 4 day event for those that demonstrate and sell, and since I am doing both it is a lot to get ready.  I will be spinning for 4 days while there is music and food and lots of people all over the place!  Thursday will be Heritage day, with oodles of students running all over the place!

The other 3 days are open to the general public.  It is one of my favorite events, but it is truly a marathon of an event.   By the time Sunday rolls around we are all a tired bunch of weavers.  I am lucky in that I belong to a team of weavers that band together to ply our wares and they will staff our booth that is inside the Peter's Cabin, while I sit on their porch and spin wool and flax.  People are always asking me if I sell my work, and I get to point them to the room behind me.  While they are looking at my inventory, they will also be looking at everyone else's too.  It is a win win situation in my book.

My latest knitting project is with my hand spun, lace weight, 2ply yarn that I finished a couple of months ago, using Malabrigo Nube, a Merino wool top.  It was a very long spinning project, because it was so fine and I was using a spinning technique I don't normally use, but I really like the way it is knitting up.  It is going to be an equally long knitting project as well, as it is a big one!  I will get pictures up and information about the project as it progresses.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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