Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Nigora Pics

 Lou Ann came out and snapped a couple of pictures with her camera.  I think she got some good ones!

Ellie and Mae were one week old Nigora doelings at the time.  They are inseparable right now!  Ellie is the blonde and Mae is the brunette.  I will get a cream colored fiber from the former and probably a soft brown, from the latter.  I will be bringing in a black buckling this year, and from him I expect to see a silvery grey undercoat.

 I am in the process of separating the coarse guard hairs from very soft undercoat of the Nigora type C harvest from this year.  It is very time consuming but the resulting cloud is incredible!  I had sent this years harvest off to be de-haired at a well known mill, but the people at the mill said that the fiber was so fine that they were afraid that I would lose too much to the de-hairing machine.  They wanted to combine it with wool, but I am set on keeping it separate this year so that I can sell it as a blending fiber.
Lots of resting and growing going on right now in the barn.  This next week I will slowly introduce the other members of the flock, one at a time so that Mamma can put them in their place with regards to these new ones,  then by the end of next week, I hope to have them all together during the day, but still separate at night.  then finally full time together.

It is time to decide whether or not I will milk this Mamma.  As with most decisions there are pros and cons to consider.  Kami is a very nervous doe, and I know I would have to be up for a fight.  I'm not sure I am!  However, the brunette doeling Mae is going to be a very good candidate for the milking parlor.  She stands stock still when I am messing with her, closing her little blue eyes and just enjoying the moment and she comes up to me all the time when I am out in the barn.

That is it for the barnyard update, I'll probably check in next week with some new pictures, Tina 


  1. Such sweet little does! I'm looking forward to seeing (and touching) the fiber they will produce!!!