Wednesday, May 27, 2015


We have a new set of Nigora kids, born just last night.  It is a set of does, which totally goes against my game plan!  My plan has been to have, in the long, run 5 or 6 wethers (neutered males) to keep for their wonderful fiber!  Wethers are so much easier to feed and house and you don't have to be concerned about a breeding schedule or finding a male that is not too related to your does!  You also don't have to spend sleepless nights, sure that the doe is in labor only to have her calmly stand up and quietly eat hay in your face at 2am!

Wethers are generally a friendly lot, happy to get along with others for the most part, does can be very bossy with others!  Wethers will give you a lovely fleece with no signs of damage from being busy growing babies. with does you have to make sure they are getting enough to do both jobs.  With wethers there is no temptation to milk them even one little bit, with newly freshened goat milk on the farmette, call me crazy, but I am tempted just a little bit, it may have the secondary effect of making this momma a little more people friendly!  CRAZY!

Last year my friend Linda and I had 2 little bucklings each, which gave me hope that I was well on my way to completing my plan of action.  this year we both had 2 little doelings each!  Arrrgh!

 I texted Lou Ann and Linda during the birthing process.

First out was this little charmer....... I got to help pull a bit.........

Next up was this little cutie, I caught her before she hit the ground cause momma was standing up!

I did a quick check and told the girls on the other end of the texts, that it looked like it was 2 does this year.

Within minutes Linda texted back, are you going to keep them?

I looked at myself covered in, well you know, and looked at these cuties and thought of all the trouble they were going to cause me and said "Probably, but I need a new plan!"

Happiness, Tina


  1. They are just too precious!!! Yes, I know, you have to rethink your plan..........

  2. How sweet they are! My two little does got out yesterday. I had to walk through my neighbor's woods and
    Poison ivy to retrieve them. Then repair two holes in the fence that I was so sure they couldn't possibly fit through before dark set in. What rascals!