Friday, June 27, 2014

Lever Knitting

I am sitting here trying to take pictures of myself knitting using the Lever style.  I have concluded however, that it is almost impossible to do.  I am too close to me, and I need a free hand to do it!  I will have to get my friend Lou Ann to do the honors one day.

 I can however show you my rehabilitation progress.  The knuckle on the middle finger, of my right hand, blew out about 6 weeks ago while I was merrily knitting at a knitting retreat.  It swelled up and was red and painful.

 It is still a little larger than I would like, but I do keep bumping it!  I haven't iced it in ages but I have done some cold water exercises.  The mountain stream in the campground was sooooo cold, but it felt wonderful to be able to flex that finger to almost a normal angle.
Here it is almost flush with the other digits!  See, I am giving the thumbs up!

Now, back to Lever knitting.  The injured finger was put out of commission by the pressure of the stitches that were building up on the right hand needle, I had to find a way to take that pressure completely off of it.  When you use the Lever technique, the right hand needle is placed in your right armpit.  (At first it seemed to not want to stay put, but now I don't even think about it.)

The heel of my right hand rest and remains on this  right hand needle.  The yarn is carried by my right hand, but it is wrapped in such a way so that my thumb and pointer are free to manipulate the stitches along as they build up on the needle.  (They are also free to help when I need to make a cable.)

Let me see if I can say how it is wrapped with words.  The yarn comes from the ball that is placed on your right hand side.  It comes over the back of your hand and between your pointer and middle finger.  It then wraps around the middle finger clockwise just once, then goes over your ring finger close to the fingernail bed.  I will be getting some good pictures of this in the next few days so that you can see it with your eyes.

There I was with a knitting needle in my armpit, and the yarn wrapped in a completely different way and in the other hand, and I haven't even picked up the left hand needle, can you say awkward!  Since I really had no choice, I had to press on!

I'm not sure my word pictures are going to cut it, I will continue, when I can get some pictures!

Until next time, Happy Spinning and Knitting, Tina