Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unusual Wheel

I got a new wheel this afternoon.  You might think that this is just like any other wheel that I have, but you would be wrong!  This wheel is a double flyer wheel possibly from Germany, but definitely from the 19th century.

She has had some repair work done to her.  The right hand flyer is a more recent replica of the left hand flyer.   The treadle has had some work done to it and the top of the 3 piece distaff is a replacement as well.
 I have had my left hand in training for about a month.  It is really hard to get it to work as easily as my right hand.  As soon as the wheel got here this afternoon, I set her up.  She had been packed up really well, and labeled very well.  It took only about 10 minutes to put her all together, and before you know it I was treadling.  I treadled for about 10 minutes, to get the feel of her, and I oiled all the necessary places so that she was running smoothly, before I started trying to spin anything on her.
Surprisingly, I was having trouble with the right hand flyer at first, until I figured out that the tension was greater on that side.  Once I got that fixed, it went much better.
 I have successfully spun with both flyers going simultaneously, but I am  still much better one at a time.  It will just take a little bit of practice, and maybe a slightly different fiber presentation, this flax was a little too loose.
She will be going with me to the Museum of Appalachia when I demonstrate, and talk to the public.  They always love to see these wheels spin, and are intrigued with the process.  Now I have a wheel that looks the part.

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Tina


  1. What an awesome wheel! Maybe a short video showing how those double flyers work???

  2. Theresa, There are several You Tube videos of DFWheels. One of them is this very wheel! This one has 2 separate double drive bands that cross in the middle. That is why we are sure it is a european model. Amyklebust did the video when she owned the wheel,

  3. I'm so glad it arrived safely! I'm sure you'll get the hang of drafting with both hands before much longer.

  4. Maybe you could bring it to the Center and show us?