Friday, June 14, 2013

Rug Revision

I have taken the second batch of  T-shirt rugs off of the loom.  I have hemmed them photographed them and given them away to the people who gave me the t-shirts!  Pretty cool huh!  I learned a lot this second time around, and it was in the photos once again!

 I feel like the twill stripes are to narrow, and I would like to widen the rugs a bit without adding to the warp.   I decided, therefore, to change the twill bands to 10 epi from the 12 epi it was originally!

I started by figuring how many spaces I would need to make the shift, and I placed a marker so that I wouldn't mess it up!

 I began...

Slowly I made my way across, spreading out the warp as I went.

Almost there!

One side complete, and you can see by comparing to the left hand side, (the marker is still there!) just how much wider the rugs are going to be.

I have finished the revision, and I have woven the hem for the next rug, but that is as far as I have gotten.  I got sick this week and didn't feel up to cutting the fabric!

That is it for now,

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


  1. So, just the twill stripes on either side were widened, right??? Cool! (And SO smart!!!)