Friday, May 24, 2013

Things that go round!

I went someplace today that I haven't been to in a long while.  I used to go there quite frequently, in fact weekly, or when the kiddos were in diapers and we were still in student housing, multiple times a week!   I remember putting my son in his carseat, in the buggy right in front of the dryer so that he would go to sleep by looking at all the clothes go round and round in the dryer!  That is right, I had to go to the laundromat today.

I haven't used my dryer, since it began to sound like a jet engine, that would be several years.  Usually that is not a problem, I am used to hanging out our clothes out on the line or inside on the drying racks if the weather is looking iffy.   This time, however, I needed the magic shrinking properties of the dryer to get me going on that t-shirt rug again!

I have dutifully unwoven back almost to the beginning.  It was a slow but necessary task, made all the more difficult by a head cold that  hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday!

 I put the fabric strips in a skein and tied them really well.  I also gathered all the gold and blue shirts that needed pre-washing.  I ran them thru my own washing machine, then I packed up and went to the store and then to that place.
 I knew I would have some time on my hands, and there were many things I could have chosen to take with me for my 30 minute sojourn.  I could have taken a book, or listen to one on my phone, I could have taken some knitting or tatting to work on, but I settled on spinning.

I have been spindle spinning a project recently.  I have several ounces, probably 4 of this soft luscious dark brown shetland cross, that I have confidence will all fit on this spindle.  I am using this spindle in a supported manner, that is, not letting it hang from the yarn I am making, but putting the point of the spindle in a small bowl, in my lap or even on a table.  (They don't call it a drop spindle for nothing!  Don't get me wrong, I can do it, but with this much yarn on the spindle, it is really getting heavy!)

I had seriously considered taking this project, because I am so close to finishing this part of it, but I didn't!

I took this one instead!

I stuffed the shirts in the dryer, and got them started.   I took a quick survey as I entered to find the nearest electrical outlet, because.......

 I have my little Clemes and Clemes E-Spinner in its case, and several ounces of a lighter colored shetland cross to use in the same project as the yarn above.

I hadn't used this beauty in quite some time, and last week, I just pulled it out and spun up a sample of something.  I, once again am intrigued with it!  (Actually, what got me thinking about the e-spinner is the upcoming Tour-de-Fleece, sponsored by Ravelry!  It is a fun competition where spinners spin wool, while bikers spin their wheels in the Tour-de-France.  I have never participated before, and I think I may throw my hat in this year!)

It is easy to spin on this little beauty, I have the speed set at medium for now, and I suppose that if I was spinning with something a little smoother, like top,  I could turn it up a little more.

It is very fast spinning, the only thing that would make it faster is if I could get one of those "Wooly Winders" that load the bobbin evenly without having to stop to change hooks.  I don't even know if they can make one for this double drive wheel?

It is a different spinning experience, you don't have to coordinate treadling and drafting at the same time, you can set your speed as slow as you want and then concentrate on drafting!  If you are trying to learn how to spin, and it isn't happening, see if you can borrow one for a little while.  Mine is always available to try, for those of you close at hand!

I think I may go ahead and order a couple more bobbins to go with the one that I have.  It would certainly slow me down if I have to unload the bobbin each time, before I could spin up a new one!

The fabric was tumbling in the dryers, the little e-spinner was humming, and I am still a little foggy with that head cold.  I would have totally succumbed to a nap, just like my son used to do, if it hadn't been having so much fun spinning yarn!

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina

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  1. I think that you were using your time very wisely! It would have been very tempting to just take a nap!