Friday, April 5, 2013

T-Shirt Demolition!

After a little trial and error, this is how I do it anyway!

I take a t-shirt,  this one is left over from youth retreat a couple of years ago, but any old t-shirt will do!

This one happens to be a kids size medium, which is great for taking pictures, but really, the bigger they are the more I like em!  (Bring on the 2x!)
 The first thing I do is cut the shirt from armpit to armpit.
 Then, see that underarm seam, cut as close as you can to it, so that it opens up the top of the shirt to lay flat.........

 like this.
 Take your best shears and cut just under the hem to open it up without having to take the time to pick out the stitching, though the serging on this hem is huge, and I may have been temped to take a seam ripper to it!

Normally they are quite small so I cut them.

Now do the same thing to the other sleeve.
 Then overlap the 2 opened up hems and stitch them together so that you form a circle of fabric.

The last step is to cut out the crew neck, I do this so that I am not tempted to cut into it while I am at the strip cutting phase!

 I opened up the hem on the body of the t-shirt, so now I have  2 tubes of fabric ready to strip!  I will to do this to about 10 shirts that I want to make into a rug.  Then I will use my Frazier rag cutter to cut all the strips before I start weaving. 

When I did my second t-shirt rug, I thought that 7 shirts would be enough, but it took 10!  I did have some left over that I can use in my next rug, but it took a time away from the weaving, and I had to work late one night.

Here is what is left over from the demolition process.  There will be a triangle or two left over when I cut the strips, but not much at all!

I hope you enjoyed the show!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Need more T-shirts! These are all 2X!

    1. Absolutely! I will contact you when I am back in town!

  2. Wonderful. What a great way to cut them up. Thanks for sharing.