Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time for Tea!

I have been on a tea jag lately, or maybe I should say that I have been looking for a teapot lately!  Any tea pot will do really, and cups and saucers to match too!  My good friend Lou Ann knows that several years ago I was on the hunt for a coffee pot, an on top of the stove percolator, mostly for camping.  I couldn't rest until I found one!  We hit every antique store in the area, we went even as far as the Smoky mountains.  There are a ton of antique stores for the tourists there!  (We did finally find one.)

My jags usually start harmlessly enough, this time it all started a couple of weeks ago when we had company.  We asked them if we could get them anything to drink and they requested hot tea.  No problem, I have a kettle for the hot water, and I have tea bags as well.  But what I didn't have was a cute little teapot with cute cups with matching saucers.  All I had were the mismatched mugs that we use for our coffee in the morning.  Normally things like that don't really bother me, but it did that night.   Ever since then I have been scouring the thrift stores waiting for something to catch my eye!

I didn't go every day mind you, just a couple of days a week, I do have a busy life!  I found several skirts to round out my wardrobe, and a couple of shirts that went well with them, at one shop.  Then I also found a really cute pair of tennis shoes called Grasshoppers that I really like, and that have barely been off my feet since!  I also found a rack for Dear One to use on his car to load up his bicycle, but no teapot and cups and saucers that I wanted to take home.

Monday morning, Lou Ann came by and helped me load up my little Leclerc Alice with a long warp.  I am still using those long 12/3 cotton warps that I got in an estate sale a couple of years ago, and it really helps to have someone on the winding end and someone on the wrangling end.

Here is the wrangling end!

And here is the winding end!

 It was so fun to catch up on some of our favorite topics, like the craft shows coming up this fall, what we need to make a bunch of etc!  We worked for a couple of hours, then we went out to lunch and to one of the local thrift stores, where I found a 4 piece luggage set that had never been used, it has wheels, locks and all, and it was a steal!  I really did needed that for an upcoming trip!  But no teapot with cups and saucers!  (We drank coffee!) 

Monday and Tuesday I had babysitting duties in the pm, Dear One still had a head cold, so he couldn't do his normal Tuesday shift.  Then this morning I got a call from DD, she was wondering if I could watch DGD for about an hour, while she had a conference at DGS school.  I agreed, and the timing was such that I decided that we would do lunch.

DGD wasn't really hungry yet, so we ran over to the Habitat for Humanity thrift store  that I hadn't managed to get to yet.   Oh, what fun to take a 5 year old little girl to the thrift store!  Everything was a treasure!  I had told her the things I was looking for, so that she could be on the look out too.  We went up and down each aisle, carefully looking for treasures.  I found a teapot that was functional, but not pretty, but I carried it around for a little while.   I didn't see anything else, and I suggested that we look for some cups that might match that teapot enough to take them home.  At first nothing really looked good, until I did saw a set of white cups and saucers that I thought I could be happy with.  I couldn't make out the maker, but I loaded up the 7 cups and 9 saucers, all for $10.  

Just then, DGD brought my attention to the lamps on top of the shelves and I made the appropriate comments.  Then, my eye caught sight of the cutest little teapot for $7! ( I have a feeling that it may be more decorative that functional, but I couldn't resist!)   It looks like a little antique store!  Cute!  The cups and saucers really look good with it too!  ( Actually, I am on my third cup of tea, and it is still warm enough for me!) 

I got up to the register, and what do you know, everything I had in my basket was 1/2 off, so for less than $10, I am a happy woman!  I bundled DGD off to lunch where we had a wonderful time.  I got her home just as her mom and brother got there.   I then took my purchases home to  have a good washing  and a try out!

Many of you can tell by looking, what I soon found out, that those cups and saucers are Pfaltzcraft,  I knew I liked them!  I will be looking for a couple more cups to round out my set, maybe the search is not quite over yet!  Hmmm, maybe I can find a cream pitcher and sugar bowl?!

Tea anyone?!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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  1. I'm so glad you reminded me about the HH store! I'll get by there tomorrow...but I'm so glad you found your tea pot and cups! What a great find.