Sunday, March 24, 2013

T shirt rug # 2

There are times when I am particularly glad I am a weaver.  This week, we had a new baby girl in our church family, and while I was clean out of baby girl blankets, I happened to have a t shirt rug that was hot off the loom, just waiting to be hemmed!

We also had a wedding shower this afternoon!  The couple is fond of blue, I was told.  Hmmm, the Bread cloths that I have on the loom right now are with the green stripes, so that won't do at all.  The next thing that I usually give these dewy eyed couples would be a set of napkins or hand towels.  That loom is not quite on line right now, so that will not do either!  (I do have a set of white napkins, but they are much too fancy for this couple.)

Next in line is the Hollywood rug warp, and I thought that this would be a good way to put it through it's paces so to speak. (Maybe put me through my rug designing paces that is!)  I started by picking out some blue shirts that I thought would be good together, then I added a couple of white shirts and grey shirts.  I liked how the colors were looking but it lacked something.  I looked at the shirts I had on hand, and chose a red one and a gold one.

I have streamlined my processing of the t shirt to have as little waste as possible.  When I am done with it, all I have is the crew neck and a couple of triangles of cloth in the shoulders!  Here is what it looks like all balled up and ready to go!

 I actually ended up using another blue as a broader center stripe.

and on the shuttles!

I quickly decided what I wanted to do, as soon as I started weaving.  I love how this Hollywood warp shines with these t shirt fabric!  I use a twill treadling with this warp so the weft really packs in close, making a very tight rug.

By this morning, I had finished weaving the second rug and hemming them both.

Baby girl rug!
Newlywed rug!

I love the detail pic of the hem, it is as decorative as the rug itself!

My center stripe is not exactly in the center, but I think I may be the only one to notice it!  I will bring out the adding machine paper next time.  Everyone  at the shower asked me how long it took me to weave the rug, and then they told me I should open a shop!  I just laughed and told them that I didn't want it to become that much of a job!  Then I put a plug in for more t shirts!  I think I may have found the next item in my portfolio!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. They look great!!! This is great recycling!!!

  2. Those rugs are beautiful! I like how different each looks.

  3. Yes, beautiful rugs. The colors look great.