Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waiting for the Plumber

Today, I was supposed to go to Bible study at the church, and check on my MIL and Carl, one of our weavers, who had both suffered from that stomach virus that has been going around.  Instead, I spent the day waiting for the Plumber!  We thought that we might have some real issues down in the crawl space.

I quickly ran my addition to the snack table to the church and ran straight home.  I didn't want to miss him!  You don't want to miss the plumber when he comes to your house!  While I waited, I decided to tackle that pile of t-shirt strips.  I first separated the colors into piles, then I took stock of what I had.  I had 3 reds, 3 lavender/pinks,  1 peachy print, 1 tennessee orange and 1 tan.

I decided to work the reds from lightest to darkest, and the other colors from darkest to lightest, with the tan sprinkled in throughout.  Some of the smaller pieces I  had to sew together, while some of the strips were long enough to use as is.

 About that time it was late enough in the morning that I was able to call my MIL, she was feeling great, and out and about with friends.  I also let Lou Ann know that I was not going to be able to go see Carl in the hospital.  She went, and saw him, and he was sound asleep!  I think that is good!  :)

I was able to weave up about 6 inches of rug, when Dear One called to say that the plumber would be here around 2:30pm.  I was scheduled to do a bit of babysitting right around then, so I called to see if I could pick up the kids a little early.  That plan was approved, and executed.

Back home with the kiddos, after snack, I pulled out a shoe box of kid friendly beads that I had found last week, and we spent some time stringing beads.  Once they were occupied with the beads, I stepped over to the loom and continued with the rug.  Before too long, the kids asked to have a turn beating the weft in, so we did that for awhile.  I would run the weft through, step out of the way and let them have at it!  They did great!  I periodically had to step across the hall and sew a couple of smaller strips together, and I could hear them beating that rug!  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  After a while they pulled out the laptop and iPod, and played the allotted time on their favorite games.

The plumber finally came about 4pm, and spent some time checking out the situation, turns out there wasn't the supposed problem at all, and while he was here he inspected pretty much the whole system, and pronounced that everything was in great shape!  He went his way, and left me with peace of mind concerning that part of this old house.

Soon after,  Papa, (Dear One), showed up, and had to witness the weaving abilities of the kiddos,  He was impressed!  Just a few minutes later, their Dad showed up, he too was impressed with their weaving abilities, then he had to hustle them home for an appointment he had to keep.  There were hugs all around, and I will see you tomorrows.  Then while I fed the critters outside, Dear One started our own dinner of whole wheat pasta inside.  YUM!!!

I managed to get about 24 inches woven on the rug today.  I really like weaving with the old t-shirts, they are soft and so colorful, which is so good on this black and white Hollywood warp!  I am already plotting how I can get ahold of more of them.  I am going to get the word out to my friends, and see what comes my way.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina
When I get a chance I am listening to Orson Scott Cards "Ruins", the sequel to "Pathfinder"


  1. Isn't wonderful that the plumber found not one problem - hurray! Never heard of the term tennessee orange, could you elaborate? Looks like the rug is going to be winner.

    1. Tennessee orange is the official orange of the university of Tennessee Knoxville. There just happened to be one of those in the bag.

  2. T shirt rug looks beautiful and so soft.