Friday, February 15, 2013

Pink, Orange, Tan and Red!

Last week I mentioned that I did not like the colored loopers with the Hollywood Warp.  I had also noticed that I had neglected to add on a floating selvedge so that there were going to be floats along the sides of the rug.  I do not like to add a floating selvedge as an afterthought because I can never get the tension to behave, so what to do!

On Tuesday, I talked to Lou Ann about it, and she suggested I just unthread the outside ends and use them!  So that is what I have done!  I un-wove the loopers that I did not like, freed the outside ends from their heddles, made sure that the errors that I had corrected  in the middle of the piece are secure and tied back on.

Now I needed to find a weft that will do justice to this warp!  I suddenly remembered that years ago Pat,  one of the Tuesday Weavers, had given me a bag of cut up t - shirts and socks.  I had dutifully placed them with all the other fabric I have for rugs, and forgot about them.  Today, I pulled that bag out, separated the socks and looked really hard at the t - shirt strips.

Pink, red, tan, and orange.  I wonder if it is enough to do a rug, or if  I will need to add to it?  These are already cut in strips, but not sewn together.  It is going to be fun putting these together for this rug.  I may piece together the similar colors and use several shuttles to do a hit and miss rug.  I was pleased with the placemat  I did using that technique.  I may be able to tell if I need to add to this if I do that too.

This afternoon is going to be fun!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Yeah! Fun weaving time for you!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing how it looks!

  3. Oh, that just got my creative juices flowing! I have a big bunch of old white t-shirts and a supply of Procion dye. How fun that will be, to design a new shag rug with those old t-shirts, dyed to my choices!