Friday, February 1, 2013

Hollywood Warp

The Cambridge Rug Loom is almost completely put together, all I need now is the board that goes across the front of the loom that holds the treadles.  This week I turned around the Sectional Rakes, and added the ties that someone had cut off when they had turned them to the inside and added the apron.  I left the apron on the loom, I decided to save some future Weaver the hassle of making an apron, I wound it tightly and tied it out of the way on the inside of the warp beam.  I figured that  I am not the first person to own this loom, and I probably won't be the last!  Not everyone is as in love with sectional warping as I am.

I have been stumped a little about how to go about warping this loom without a tension box to fit the rounded breast beams, or the thread guide that originally came with the loom.  I had heard that Ann, one of the Tuesday Weavers has one of those guides and she will bring it next time she makes it to the Center,  but of course, I wanted to warp this loom yesterday!  Linda reminded me, Tuesday that I could use the thread guide card from my tension box.

The thread guide card does actually sit right in the groove that is in that back beam.

I will snug up those zip ties to keep it from moving!
It is also just under 3 inches wide when I place it this direction, which is perfect since that is the space between the pegs on the sectional beam.

 Lou Ann and I had run into this pattern several years ago.  It was on her Orco rug loom that she calls John, it was in some very interesting colors, if I can recall there was pink, lavender, yellow and purple.  We were thrilled to see it in print in the "Rag Rug Handbook" by Janet Meany and Paula Pfaff.   I am doing it in black and white, as the author did,  but I am changing the width of the rug, to fit my 3 inch sections, and going to use a totally different weft than she did, I will probable use up some of those loopers the Tuesday Weavers got last year, and I can't wait to see what jeans look like under this threading.

16 yards
I wound the first section, tied it off, chained it and headed for the loom.  I carefully threaded this first bout, but when I got to the end I was short 2 threads!  I quickly consulted my chart and realized that I had left out a whole section of white and gone straight to the big black section.

I wound the white section and as I wound on that first bout, I carefully chained off the black threads that I would need for the next section.

first bout
First section done, this is taken from the inside of the loom, so it is reversed.

only 36 thread to worry about
 To thread the card, I hold the cross in my left hand and thread the holes in the thread guide card, in order, from bottom to top, 5 holes each row, but 6 in the last row.

turn your head to the side, please
First bout
I keep a good bit of tension on the warp as I wind, and so far it has gone swiftly with minimal tangling.

2 bouts, again from the inside of the loom

The two end bouts, are different from the rest of the warp, so I am doing them first.  I may pull out the spool rack and do the middle bouts in the more traditional way, I will just have to count my rounds.  16 rounds is a lot of rounds to keep track of!

My very favorite tool

I am also winding spools for the new Bread Cloths warp, I will be putting on 40 yards this time.  Last time I wound these spools I learned that it wasn't a good idea to fill them too full, it is so easy for them to get messed up if I do.  I am using 8/2 cotton, at 20 epi, last time I tried to load those 20 spools with enough to do the whole  20 yard warp.

12 down, 28 to go!

This time I am winding 40 spools, and if I need to, I will stop and refill.  I will wind on all of the natural bouts first, then I will chose the colors I want to use for the stripes.  Since I am going to be changing stripe colors halfway through this project, I may wind 20 yards on the warping board and then load them on the tension box.  When the first color runs out, I can tie on the next one, at least that is what I am thinking now, I may change my mind later.

Okay, that is enough resting by the fire, it is off to work in the studio I go,

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. This is a good day to sit by the fire! Brrrrrr

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan. That is a great idea on the thread card. Looks like it works great.