Friday, February 8, 2013

Carl and Alice

The Cambridge loom, Carl, is loaded and I have woven a bit of a hem in black to show off the warp pattern.  I have about 5 inches woven in colorful loopers, I don't know if I will do many rugs with these loopers, because the cool warp is lost in all the confusion!  

On Tuesday at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center, during lunch, I mentioned that I had a 2 harness Rug loom that belongs to the Center, and that I would be willing to part with it if there was anyone interested in loom sitting!  This afternoon, Eiko, one of our wonderful bunch of weavers, is going to come take a look at Stuart the Studio loom.  If Eiko ends up taking this loom, I will be left with only the looms that belong to me. (That would still be 6!)

 Now over to the last loom to get warped, the 29 inch Leclerc, Alice.  This is a really old, jack style loom, I am not even sure which model it is,  it looks like a Mira, but I thought they were all Counter Balance looms!

I am loading this loom with some of  the 100 yd 12/3 cotton warps that I have on hand. ( I really will miss these warps, if I ever come to the end of them!)  2 warp widths give me 19 1/2 inches in the reed, perfect for hand towels and napkins.  It is a bear to wind on though,  these warps are sticky, sticky.   I can get about 2 beam rotations in before I have to go to the front of the loom and referee!

I have a set of lease sticks between the castle and the back beam,  I will place another set  on the other side of the castle to help control the sticky threads and  help me when it is  time to cut the chain, since there is now way it will all fit on the loom!

When I have wound on all that the warp beam will hold,  or I run out of sticks,  I tie the cross again on that second set of lease sticks, and cut the chain, tie it,  and put it back in the tub.   I haven't come to the end of one of those warp chains yet, and I have done dozens of napkins and hand towel!

That is about it from me this week, you can find my other adventures from this week on the Tuesday Weaver's blog Loomy Tunes.  For now times a wasting, back to work!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. So, Alice is NOT a sectional loom? Those long warps have really been a good bet! They just keep on giving!

    1. That is right, but I wish she was!