Friday, January 25, 2013

The Boys!

I have spent this week between putting the Cambridge rug loom together and loading a warp on one of my other looms.  It has been fun!  Tuesday, Allan brought the parts and pieces that he had been working on to get the Cambridge up to snuff.  The Sectional warp beam is now functional in good shape, the breast beam has been refurbished, and Carl the Cambridge is just almost ready for action!

That is him on the left, right beside Stuart the Studio Newcomb loom.  Don't they make a dashing pair!  I have great plans for Carl, I am planning to have a black and white rug warp on him before too long.  I think I will follow the Hollywood warp plan that I have used on placemats.  It was the warp that came on one of the old rug looms when they sent it from the factory.  Right now I can't remember if it was the Orco rug looms or the Newcomb rug looms.  Anyway, it uses an unusual twill threading.  There are twill runs and chicken tracks and all sorts of things in there.  I will get a picture when I get it on the loom.  In black and white I think it will be quite striking.

All I need now to get the Cambridge up and running is the treadle board that needed just a few more repairs and the beater bar that is still at Lou Ann's.  I also need to locate the metal thread guide to use the sectional beam.  Until I find that, I will have to use the apron that is in place.  I heard a rumor that my weaving friend Ann might have one,  I will have to contact her to see if we could work out way to borrow it when I need to warp, or maybe we can find someone to make a copy for me, using her's as a template.

I had intended to go to Lou Ann's today to pick up the beater, but there is a world of ice and sleet outside, so I think I will content myself with working on my projects in the Studio instead.

I hope you are staying warm, and busy!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. If I were you, I'd stay at home!!! My driveway is ice. But, I have one of those metal plates for warping my rug that what you need?

  2. Carl makes Stewart look so small! Hope Stewart doesn't get a complex!

  3. Wonderful! Carol is almost ready for his warp to go on.