Friday, January 11, 2013

Cambridge Loom Home (mostly)

I have moved most of the Cambridge rug loom from Lou Ann's garage to my Studio B.  This room is really the guest room, but you wouldn't know it right now.  The round breast and back beams have already been taken to Allan's to get them back in working order.  At some point the large hex nut that holds the carriage bolt in place had been replaced with a much smaller rounded nut, and while it fit the bolt well, it slowly eroded away the inside of the beam.  Allan is going to glue a piece of doweling into the gaping holes, and then re-drill a hole the appropriate size.

Another problem that Carl had warned be about was the fact that some of the main connections in the frame had become loose over time, that is very common in these old looms.  On close inspection, however, it looks like the previous owners had really fixed that problem on 3 of the 4 corners, by using some really long hex screws that went beyond the original bolts, and they were holding tight.  On the fourth corner however,  there were dowels glued into both the beam and the side piece, and they had used a couple of wood screws to hold it together.

These pieces too will make their way to Allan's workshop, and hopefully within  a week or two, I will have this loom up and running with a warp running from cloth beam to warp beam!

I think, that the Texsolv heddles I took off of the 8 harness loom last week, just might fit this loom.  I hope so, since there are not very many heddles on it for a 4 harness loom.  I do expect to do rugs and placemats on this loom, and you don't need many heddles for that.  But, I like flexibility and I think  I am going to have enough heddles on this loom to do whatever I want to.  Let's see I think it will be 280 per harness, and they won't add to the weight of the harnesses hardly at all!

I was able to answer my question from last week, it seems that the treadles on this model are to be mounted on the front crosspiece and not the back.  This makes me very happy, as that is how I prefer them to be!

In the same room as the Cambridge is the Newcomb Studio loom that belongs to the Weaving Center.  This loom is already warped for rugs.  It came to me that way, and it seems like the warp that will never end!  Here it is set for another looper rug or runner.  I may do a runner this time, I need one for the downstairs hallway, I think it will really liven things up!

Moving across the landing to the original or Studio A, I pass the small light weight loom, I call the wool loom.  It has my alpaca shawl on it right now.  I wove to the midway point yesterday.  I can't wait to get it off the loom and do some wet finishing!  I think I will probably twist the fringe first, though I may have to redo it a bit after the wet finish.  I would hate for it to get messed, if I didn't!

That is it for me this week,  I glanced back at my recent posts and  I was surprised to see how few weaving post there had been!  I hope in the future to have more weaving content on this blog,  as well as the Tuesday Weavers blog.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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