Friday, January 4, 2013

A little Spinning

I had a birthday recently, and my Daughter bought a 4 ounces of Polwarth Top for me.  It is a beautiful multi colored Top, in blues and greens and pinks.  Here, I will show you a picture.

The Pinks are hidden in there somewhere!

I purchased for my birthday (for myself), a copy of Abby Franquemonts video on drafting.  I have enjoyed her You Tube videos for quite some time, and I have also been interested in her fiber history.  She was taught how to spin in South America by the local artisans.  She was there with her parents, they were working, and she was soaking up the local culture.

Anyway, I really liked the video!  It explained the differences in the yarn you will get when you use  the Worsted technique, or the Woolen technique.    There are lots of close ups of her actually drafting and spinning to really show what she is talking about.  She also showed how you could combine the two techniques to get exactly the kind of yarn you want.

With the video for encouragement, I pulled out the Polwarth my Daughter had given me and I looked it over for a minute.  I decided to spin a fine worsted style.  I wanted to repeat the color sequence that this roving had several times throughout the yarn.  In order to do that I split the Top right down the middle.  I wanted half of the fiber on one bobbin and the other on a second bobbin.  I then split these halves in several finger width strips.  I got about 6 strips per half.

I began to spin using a true worsted short forward draw, then sliding my fingers back to the fiber source to draft again.  I am really, really happy with the results.  It will take a long time to get these 4 ounces spun, but I think I am really going to like the yarn.

(I need a better camera!)

I am not sure what I am going to do with this yarn yet, but I can almost see a lace cowl forming in my head!  Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


  1. I am intrigued with the drafting you are talking'll have to show me later. Until then, I could just be practicing!!!!

  2. I have always wondered how to keep the color sequence when combining my spun singles, any ideas?

    1. (Tina here,)The top I am using was not a symmetrical pattern. I figured that if I split the the "roving" in several smaller strands and spun the both bobbins in the same color sequence, I will be able to ply them together with close to the same colors coming together at the same time. A couple of the finger roving nests were a little thicker than the others, I was careful to line up the nests in exactly the same order according to size for each bobbin. We will see if it works! I anticipate a little barber poling, but I hope to keep that to a minimum.