Friday, November 23, 2012

Eye Opening

The Craft Show was an eye opening experience for me.  I learned that even though I had a tub full of products to sell, of a certain dollar amount that I deemed enough,  it didn't really mean that people would be interested in buying any of it!

That is right, at the Foothills Craft Guild Show, I sold nothing.  Big fat zero, nada, zilch, un bel niente!
I got to looking at what I had brought, and what I realized is that I had dropped the ball this year.  A couple of our weavers really worked hard and produced a beautiful array of scarves.  Several different styles and lots of each style.  I realized that I hadn't produced enough of the same things to be viewed as a serious merchant.

It has gotten me thinking really hard about how I spend my time, what I am producing and why.  It is true that I sold quite a bit of my production between the last show that we did in October and a special order, but I had enough Bread Cloth warp on the loom to have woven a stack of them for this show!  I just didn't do it.  I thought I had enough!

This year, I am going to put on a long Baby Blanket warp, 80 yds or so,  finish up the Bread Cloths that are on the Leclerc, and slap another Bread Cloth warp on there and keep going with those, because they sell well.  Then I am going to wind another "Hollywood" warp for placemats, a long one!  At one show I sold all three runners and 4 placemats that I had done with this pattern.  One customer however bought 1 placemat from one of my sets of 4, that left me with 3,  sigh.  (Now if I had had 12 or 24 of them, and priced them in 2's instead of singles, I would have been fine.)

You live and you learn don't you!  Now, back to work!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, (whether you feel like it or not!) Tina

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  1. Doing these shows are a learning experience. It's a good thing to reflect on each event and then develop a plan. Just're already ahead for the MOA next fall!!!