Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Good Sett

One of the things I have promised myself I would do, to kick start my production plans for next year, is to weave the scarf that my daughter and I started on the rigid heddle loom months ago.  It suffered some technical difficulties in transit for a weaving demonstration, and had to be re - wound.  I took that opportunity to put it on a delicate loom in the hallway of my upstairs studio.  Turns out I am not a fan of the rigid heddle, but with 6 looms in the studio, why on earth would I need one!

Today after my day at the Center with the other weavers, I came home and started in almost immediately on the scarf.  It took several tries to get the beat, or should I say lack of beat right.  After much unweaving, I finally got it right.

It really was a matter of nudging the weft into place very carefully.  By dinnertime I had finished the scarf, and I cut it off, checked for errors, twisted the fringe to keep it safe during the washing fulling process.

(It is funny how the light blue in the warp stands out in the photo more than in real life.)

After the dishes were done, I soaked, and then fulled the scarf.  It didn't full quite as much as I anticipated, though.  The sett is still good, just not as filled in as I had hoped.  I wonder what the fiber content is in this yarn?  I will have to ask my Daughter tomorrow.  Anyway, I am very pleased to have finished something, that has been in the back of my mind!

 I will be putting some of my own handspun yarns on that same loom, probably later on this week.   Maybe some of that silver Romney that I have been slowly combing and spinning this year.  That is the fleece that I thought I had ruined in the washing process, only to find that I could save most of it by using my Viking Combs.  It is a lovely 2ply yarn and I can't wait to try it out.  I know that it will full quite nicely!

Tomorrow, a few of us are going to R & M Yarns near Cleveland Tn.  I have some yarns I need to buy to complete some of the projects I have lined up.  It should be a fun day.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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