Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Without Power

The power went out on Monday, for 6 hours!  It has been doing that lately.  We have had a little rain from Isaac, but really not much to worry about.  It got me thinking about all the jobs I have held, and what would have happened when the power went out.

When I was a Library gopher at 16 years of age, the place would have gone on just fine, we were still doing it manually when I started.  By the time I moved on to my next job, however, they would have come to a standstill, because they had become automated!

At the JC Penney candy counter, I would have been able to clean all the sticky candy bins, getting the sticky all over my arms, (I lost 10 lbs working there!) but no sales would have happened without the cash register!

At French's Market, or the White Store, we would have been in trouble, again, no cash registers!

When I worked at the Pre-school for a couple of years, I suppose we would have done just fine, except that the kids would have freaked in the dark!

I kept kids at home for a very little while,(4 kids under 4, call me crazy!) until my own kids started coming, we would have brought out the blankets and made a tent over the table, found the flashlights and had a party!

On the Mission field, it would have depended on if it was night or not, things didn't start happening over there until 8pm!  I don't think I could hang with them now!

The Coffee shop I worked in when we returned state side would have been out of luck, as would have the  Screen printing/ Embroidery shop I worked at for a couple of years.  The Vet Clinic job I had for 6 years would have had some problems!  We could have done the treatments of course, but all the fancy blood work machines wouldn't have done us any good, and we would have had to send out the bills later, when the power came back on.

Somewhere in there I cleaned houses for a couple of years.  That, my friends was by far the hardest job of all!  I often had 2 small houses in one day, or one big one.  I had to quit one of the farther out jobs because I almost fell asleep at the wheel coming home twice!

Now however,  except for the fact that I would have to pull out the camp stove to make coffee, it doesn't affect me at all!

Happy Spinning, Weaving, and Knitting, Tina


  1. Weaving and spinning are just "foot power." Isn't that wonderful!!!!

  2. You have held a lot of different jobs each with something interesting to remember.