Friday, August 31, 2012

Spinning Pics

I took some pictures of the spinning I got done over the camping trip.

I started at the purple end of the roving, and you can see the blue starting to show up towards the end of this bobbin.   On the next bobbin you can see the blue underneath and then the teal covering it up.

I have found that I like to break off a piece of the top and fold it in half and spin from the fold, it just feels right. I hope to finish it off soon and have some pictures of the plied yarn next week.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning and Knitting, Tina

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little Bit of Fiber is Always Good!

We camped in the Smokies last week, and while we were there I was able to have some fiber time.  One day I was able to spin almost a full bobbin of  the Merino Silk I got at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival.  I will probably finish it up this week.

I also was able to make a lot of progress on another Lily Shawl.  A friend of mine saw the burgundy one I finished a couple of weeks ago, and she really loved it.  She then promptly ordered 2, a purple one and a teal one.  She wanted to use the same yarn I had used on mine, and that was Knit Picks Gloss fingering.  It is a lovely yarn, soft and with a little shine from the silk.  I was not able to find the Gloss in purple but they did have a soft grey, which she approved.

The cool thing about the Drops patterns is that you can knit them to sell, as long as you give credit to them for the design, and as long as you don't mass produce them!

Anyway, this time I am keeping track of my hours, I am up to 18 hrs so far, and I am coming to the end of the body of the shawl, with just a picot edging left to do.  I still like the pattern, which is a good thing  since I have to turn around and do one in teal!

I love the Lily of the Valley border!  The border alone took 14 hours!  I had a lot fewer mistakes to correct this time, I wonder how long it took me to do the burgundy one!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning and Knitting, Tina

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Weaver!!

I have been taking my MIL with me to the center on Tuesdays.  We may have missed a couple here and there, but for the last 5 months or so, she has been coming.  She walks from loom to loom, and talks to the weavers about their project, she has ripped seams, and she has cut fabric strips for different projects.

This last Tuesday after lunch she whispered, "Sit down here, I want to ask you something.  How do I go about taking the lessons?"  So, I explained to her about the classes.  Most people start out with the 6 classes, and then they are hooked and they just keep coming!  That is how we get more weavers for the center.  (That is what happened to me in 2001, after I was given a floor loom!)

Lou Ann and I picked out one of the smaller table looms to get ready for her.  The problem is, it was used for kids camp, and has a couple of yards of the mug rug warp left on it.   We thought it might be a good idea for her to weave that off using fabric strips, just to try it out.

This is the Leclerc Dorothy, one of the lighter table looms we have.  You see my MIL isn't very big, and we did not want to overwhelm her!
I cut some fabric strips from my stash at home.

I tied the warp back on and wove up a sample of what each fabric looks like on this warp.

I will take the bag of strips to her today before I go out of town, once again.  I am ordering replacement lever tabs for the loom, and I need to get her a couple of shuttles to work with before I take it to her.  Our fellow weaver Carl lives in the same complex that she does, in fact they are on the same floor!  So that, even if I am unavailable, I know that he would be able to help her.

I think that next Tuesday, I will be showing her the ropes on this sweet little loom!

Here's to a new weaver, until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Friday, August 10, 2012

Home again

While I was in Portland, visiting my daughter and new grandson, I finished the Lily Shawl, by Drops.  I did not have my blocking wires, so I had to wait until I got home to do that.  I had done most of the knitting in California, which was a good thing because in Portland there was very little knitting time to be had!

 I worked the lily of the valley border first and then I picked up along one edge and worked the stockinette body.  I worked in a  few short rows towards the end to give me a little shoulder shaping.  Then I picked up stitches along the other side of the border and worked a picot edging that I really like!

Below you can see the border all opened up during the blocking phase.

I believe if I were to do this again, I might find a pattern that has a single lily instead of the double one this pattern has.

That is about it for today, I am slowly coming out of my travelers fog, and looking forward to getting back to my regular schedule!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning and Knitting, Tina

Friday, August 3, 2012

While in California

 I was in California last week visiting my Mother, and the rest of the family.  It was stop number one of my West Coast tour.

While I was there I was able to make a lot of progress on a new knitting project, the Lily Shawl by Drops.  It has a lily of the valley border around the bottom and then you pick up along one side and knit the rest of the shawl in stockinette.  It is really going good, I may be able to knit on it a little bit more while I am here in Oregon helping my daughter with her new baby.  I also took some sample bread cloths to one of my west coast customers for approval, and we finalized the order.  That will be my first order of business when I get home.

Just yesterday,  I got a text from my oldest daughter, back in Tennessee, who has been bitten by the spinning bug, showing me her newest skeins.  She told me it was really unfair of me to introduce her to a new hobby and then leave town!  :)

 She has really taken off,  she even has knitting projects in mind for these skeins!
 I will be home next week to answer her questions, though I think she is doing just fine.  It won't be long before she has passed me up in this craft too!
Until next time, find you a baby to hug!  Tina