Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple fix

I have been weaving bread cloths this week.  I have also been using a temple to prevent the excessive draw in of the Brooks Boquet hand manipulated lace.  When I use a temple, I will sometimes get a little loop on the side of the towel where the weft looped around the temple prong, and I was unaware of it.

Just like this! In the past, I have snipped one end of the loop and wove it in there along the edge.  Sometimes, that is a little difficult because the edge warp threads can be a little closer together than the body of the cloth.
What I have just started doing this week is carefully moving the loop further into the cloth
little by little,

then I weave a tapestry needle into the cloth,
carefully snip the loop in the right place,

and it is done!  

Once it is washed, you won't even be able to see it!

Here is a little taste of Summer from Farmstead Studio! ( I have been trying to work this picture in for weeks, so there you go!)

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I have had that happen before, too. Thank goodness I hadn't gone too far, and I just unwove a few picks back to the spot! Great problem solving!!! Yeah, summer squash!!!! Love it!

  2. Nice squash. I have needle woven loose ends like that. It is a good fix.