Saturday, June 23, 2012

While in a tent

As I posted yesterday on Loomy Tunes, the Tuesday Weavers blog, Dear One and I went Camping this week.

Here is our tent on her maiden voyage. I purchased a tarp to fit over the top of the tent.  There are several reasons to do this:

1. It protects the tent from debris.
2. It protects the tent fabric from the sun.
3. It makes a cool shady porch for us to sit under if it is raining.

Speaking of rain, we did get just a little bit, just enough to feel smug!

We have decided to get an even bigger tarp for next month, just a little more coverage, and a bigger porch!

I had also purchased this cool two pole shade tent to go over the table/stove area.  It performed wonderfully as well.

In the rare moments when we were sitting on our shady porch, or over by the river, I worked on a few things, I thought I would show some pictures.

Here finally are the May/June socks, they fit great, are are much too warm for this time of year!  I will  work on a shawl for the rest of June, and decide what July's project will be.  I have plenty of sock yarn but I may do a skinny scarf with some of it.

I also worked on this cool drop spindle, though I was using it supported in a little bowl in my lap.  You can see the mass of silk in the silk hankie I am working from. I have spun 3 or 4 layers from this one and there are probably 10 more layers to go.  I am able to get a fine silk thread spinning this way, though I am still fine  tuning the process.

Someone asked for a picture of what Dear One was working on.  I have asked permission to show you his fine workmanship, and he has granted it.

Unfortunately, Blogger has decided that it should be posted like this!  It is a pen and ink drawing in process, of Casper Ten Boom.  A Watch maker in Holland before and during WWII.  His brave efforts during the war were made known by his daughter Corrie, in her book, The Hiding Place. 

Sorry for the double picture post, ( I posted this pic on Loomy Tunes), I just can't get enough of this!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Spinning and Camping, Tina


  1. That looks like such a peaceful spot to work on projects!!!!

  2. Maggie said it. What a talented couple. Tent looks nice also.