Friday, June 1, 2012

When you need to give yourself a break!

It is June 1st, and I haven't finished my May socks!  I finished the April socks in early May, you can see them to the right in the picture below, (ends not woven in!)

Then I pulled out all the things that I had finished since January, and decided that I wasn't going to get my panties in a wad if these socks became June socks too!  I really have churned it out.  January it was a scarf, for February and March I did 2 pairs of socks, April, and May, I finished the blue Shawl and one pair of socks!  So enough already with the self condemnation!

On the weaving front, I am almost finished with this first Napkin/Towel warp, I am so excited!  I can't wait to load her up again and just keep going!

I have come to enjoy this end feed shuttle, it is an old one that I purchased off of ebay, and had Allan smooth the pointy ends so that they don't poke me.  It gives me really nice edges that I don't have to fuss with at all!

The only thing I don't like about using an Endfeed Shuttle is unweaving.  You can't just roll it back up on the bobbin, like you can with a boat shuttle. So, if I have to unweave more than 2 picks, break the yarn and I pull out my Ski Shuttle!  It really makes unweaving go smoothly, and once I have fixed the mistake, I use the Ski Shuttle to weave it back on!  I have also started using the Ski Shuttle when I have to unweave the Overshot Baby Blankets, because I use a Double Shuttle for the colors.  It has really made unweaving much easier!

The grandkids were over on Monday, (Memorial Day) and I pulled out all of the fun things I could think of,  a Frazier rug cutter to make some strips,  various spinning wheels that they could treadle.  Even the electric one, they love to make it go fast, and see if I can keep up with them drafting! (H remarked that the thinner yarn had more twists!  He is a bright one, who is celebrating his Birthday today!) I had them weaving on Alice with me, I would change the shed and they would pass the shuttle between them through the shed, then I would beat and change to the next shed. (Not exactly a flying shuttle!)  We also started a looper rug, they would take turns stepping on the treadle on the 2 harness rug loom and I would pass the rug shuttle thru, then run around them and take it out the other side, it was quite comical!  Each of these stations lasted about 30 minutes, with the electric spinner the clear favorite!  Then we had lunch and a rest time for Mimi and Papa mostly, then it was time to go to the pool, then we took them home, tuckered out! ( I think they were too!)

A couple of months ago, I found a Great Pyrennes Pup just running down the road.  He joined up with us and has been a welcome addition to our farm ever since.  Yesterday, a gentleman stopped by to ask if I had any Billy goats for sale.  Then he asked how long I had had that white dog, a couple of months?  I said "yes" with a sinking feeling in my stomach.  He said that his name is "Caspar", and that he had bought him when he was just a fur ball.  But, he was unable to keep him from wandering off the property, some 10 miles away.  He was in with goats at his place, and evidently there was a grumpy goat that kept running him off.   He also refused to eat anything for him!   We asked him if he wanted him back, and he told us that we could have him!  He is happy that he has found a good home, and we are happy to know the rest of the story!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Wow, Tina. You must have felt just awful when you realized it was his dog! Praise God he wanted you to have him!!!

  2. I think it is really interesting that the name you gave him is so similar! But, he's where he needs to be now, and he does such a good job with your goats. You and the kids did a great job weaving!

  3. Lucky boy to have two sensible owners! And lucky you. Glad everything worked out. The weaving looks beautiful. Glad the kids had fun!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time with the grandkids. I bet you heart did sink when he asked about the dog. I am so glad he was nice about it and knew he had a great home. Now you can relax knowing he is YOUR dog.

  5. Super happy to hear the rest of Caspar's story, now everyone can settle in for the long haul.