Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On a Line

We moved out to the "Farm" in 2001, to fulfull one of my dreams, to live in the country!  I had spent many years in high rise apartments, dreaming about putting in a big garden and having animals, chickens, sheep, goats ect.  I have done most of that, but because this farm is just 1.25 acres, I can't do some of the big things I had thought I wanted to do, like horses, and cattle.  I have also found that a small garden is more in tune with my life right now!

There were many things that we had to get used to when we moved out here.  There is no garbage pick up for one, so we take each bag of garbage to the recycle center ourselves. ( I am trying to get good about adding to the compost pile from the kitchen, but that is proving a little harder to do, besides the chickens like all that stuff too.)  There are also ditches on each side of our road that you need to keep in mind when you are backing down the driveway, (don't ask!)  There is/was a functional outhouse, which we do NOT use because I closed it up tight!  We have one bathroom, and it is downstairs which, when the girls were home, they did not appreciate!

One thing we had to get used to, was the sound of periodic gunfire in the neighborhood.  The first time I heard it, I just about went ballistic!   I soon however, became used to it.  Our neighbor has a large property and is very careful about where they shoot.

There is  a great clothesline out between the house and barn, that I really haven't used until recently.  Months ago, I gave up the use of my dryer, mostly because it sounds like a jet engine about to take off, and I am too cheap to get it fixed!  However,  I have found that I like not using it.  (I did it for years in Italy when there were 6 of us!  There just weren't any dryers there! ) I like the much smaller electric bill, and I like the hand of the fabric that comes off of the line, well most of it anyway, you know how towels get!   Dear One commented that by not using our dryer, we had knocked out one of the leading causes of house fires. ( The other one is those little plug in air fresheners!)

I use the line outside for the big stuff, sheets and towels and things like that.  I also have 3 laundry racks that I use out on the porch when weather permits, but they can also be moved indoors in the evening or when it is going to pour.  In the winter, they are in all the time.  I can get a surprising amount of laundry done on a clear day!

I had to wait until these were empty to photograph them, cause I did whites today, and nobody needs to see that!  I can easily get 2 loads of laundry on these babies, and if they are outside on a breezy day, they will be dry in 2 hours,  if it is inside, with a fan or two, it will take 12 to 15 hours, so I have to stay on top of it!

I cut off the Napkin/ Towel warp today, I had hoped to finish it, but I needed to get a couple of these items finished for gifts.  There are 6 white napkins, 4 tan napkins and 2 hand towels.  I think I have enough left on the loom to make 2 more tan napkins to finish that set.

That has been my day today, enjoying the breeze, the smell of fresh laundry, weaving in the studio, and the sound of gunfire in the neighborhood.  It doesn't get any better than this!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Life in the's a good thing! You forgot to mention that you put a 25 yard warp on my loom....that took up part of your day!!!!

  2. Sounds almost like "Green Acres". Remember that old show? Eddie Albert and Ava Gabor. A good simple show.

  3. Do you have dirt bikes, too? That was what always spoiled my weekends' peace and quiet in the country. My dad was usually the one providing the gunfire. He worked for the NRA; it was all job-related! I love the first photo, with the shadows.

  4. No, no dirt bikes, but sometimes 4 wheelers!