Monday, June 4, 2012


I have started loading the 45in Leclerc with the custom Bread Cloth order.  It is all going smoothly, but I quickly realized that I would have to order more of the 8/2 "Currant" from Webs.  Unfortunately the sale is over, so to get a little bit of a discount I had to order a few more lbs of something!  I chose more 8/2 cotton, a third lb in Currant just to be sure, a lb in Posy Green, ( I have one already) and another lb in something else, I can't remember what.  That is sad, I just now placed the order too!  It will be a nice surprise anyway!

Today, I  loaded the Currant stripes along the sides of the Breadcloth. The color is showing up much brighter than it is in person, it is a subdued blue red.

Tomorrow the tension box is taking a trip the The Appalachian Arts Crafts Center in Norris, Tn.  I weave there almost every Tuesday, and one of the sectional looms is almost empty.  Lou Ann will bring her warping tree and I will bring the tension box and we will put on a really long warp for someone.

Later this week, I will finish winding on the natural sections of this project, then I will thread it.  The custom order is calling for a hand manipulated lace square in the center of the cloth.  I will thread for a Swedish Lace, instead of plain weave, so that I can switch directly to that once this order is complete! I can also do a couple in plain weave if I want too!

I prefer a loom manipulated lace rather than hand manipulated.  First of all, it goes much quicker and secondly, it is much easier on these hands of mine!   I am patterning these cloths after the Bread Cloths I wove a few years ago in Blue and Natural.  You can barely see a lace pattern in the center of the far left cloth.  I did several different ones, then wove the last 6 in plain weave.

These were fun to do, and I expect this project will be just as fun if not more!  With 10 sold already as incentive, I hope to have the rest off the loom, washed and hemmed in time for the fall shows.

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina

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  1. Thank you for reminding me!!!! I'll go put the thread tree in the car! We can get that warp on pretty quickly as soon as the decision is made on the colors!