Monday, May 21, 2012

Old Wheel

While Lou Ann and I were in Gatlinburg last week, we priced the Minor's Heads they had.  A Minor's Head is a part for a Great Wheel that greatly accelerates the spin of the spindle.  They were in excellent condition, but a little pricey for us right now.

When I got home I began to look on Ebay just to see what I can see.  You know dangerous that can be, don't you! There was a listing for a broken down Great Wheel, and is really was, it is missing 2 wheel spokes, and many of the existing spokes were broken off at the hub.  But, what caught my eye were 2 Minor's Heads!  One  was complete, but there was also another incomplete one, with just the accelerator wheel and that is all.  I contacted Lou Ann to see if she was game to split it with me, and she was.  There was another auction on Ebay that had the parts I would need to complete the second Minor's Head, well almost anyway.  We bid on both auctions, and won.

Early this week, all the parts arrived.  I took the Minor's Heads pieces over to Lou Ann's to see which one would fit her wheel best, and I think we have gotten it right, though we are going to double check on Wednesday.  I think this may help her wheel function much better too.

This is the Head that I have at my house, and there is a very small but vital piece missing.  It is the cap that fits in the right side of the wheel and into the upright. You can see it in the second picture.

I pulled out the Howard's Feed and Wax, and started to treat this old broken down Wheel to a little TLC.  The Minor's Head above had already been treated, but I thought I would show you what just one application of the "Feed and Wax" can do.  ( I continually call it "Weed and Feed")  Here are the legs, one treated and one not.

A couple of the spokes, one treated and one not.

This is the wheel post, with a portion treated and part not treated.  Right about then, is when it happened.  I leaned on the base to get a better picture and I heard a crack!  I broke one of the legs!  Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!  I haven't treated that leg with the "Feed and Wax" in the hope that we can glue it back together.  I may have to get Alan to look at it for me.

The only thing I am missing for the Old Great Wheel, besides the leg I broke, is a Wheel, and I have most of the pieces for that.  I can either use the Minor's Head on it, or the Bat Head I have on my other Great Wheel, though I suppose that means I will need a spindle as well.  I also have an extra base for a Minor's Head, and a couple of end caps that are too big for these uprights, but they might work wonderfully for another set. Either way, I think we came out ahead.  We spent way less than we would have spent in Gatlinburg for one head and we got 2!  Hmmm, I wonder who restores her Minor's Heads, maybe we can do a swap!  My leftover pieces, for the part I need!

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


  1. I was amazed after I wiped the head down with Howard's!!! What a difference! Just goes to show you that that wood had really dried out! Guess that means another trip to Gatlinburg! (wink..wink!)

  2. The difference is amazing! I am sorry to hear about the crack but maybe Allan can fix it. He is pretty amazing, isn't he. Hope my combs come today!