Friday, May 18, 2012

Crazy Batt

Last week Lou Ann and I went to Gatlinburg.  We were on a mission to check out a fantastic yarn/fiber shop that we had heard great things about.  The shops name is "The Smoky Mountain Spinnery", and it did not disappoint.  First there was a wonderful yarn selection, better than I have seen in a long time.  Then we saw various spinning wheels from Great Wheels with 40 inch wheels to the more compact sized spinning wheels.  Then we passed on to the spinning fibers.  There was such a variety to choose from! There was wool of course, but several types of wool.  There was cotton, and linen, and silk as well.  One thing that caught my eye was a bin full of what I call a crazy batt, and I mean crazy.

I generally spin yarn from wool that is one natural color at a time, and I spin it fairly evenly and finely by now, I can 2 or 3 ply it depending on the yarn I want to end up with.  This however was none of that!

 Many times when I take on a new project, I purposely push myself in some way. This time, I told myself I am going to try to spin thicker yarn and  be serendipitous about which section I would spin next.  That is a really big stretch for me.

First I pulled the "batt" out of the bag, and I fluffed up the different sections, trying to not blend them at all. That wasn't too hard now was it. Then I pulled out my electric spinner that hasn't seen a ton of use, and I began to spin.

At this point I am not really loving it, but I persevered and kept going, trying to work with only 2 colors at a time.

Again, not in love with the whole having to decide what comes next part of it, and I found that the different sections of fluff drafted very differently, and it was way hard to control how much fiber entered the yarn!

I finally gave up in disgust, and made a small skein out of  it, vowing that I would never try that again.  Then I took a look at the skein and decided that it really wasn't half bad after all, I just needed to calm down and stop needing to have such control all the time.


So I may give it another go, but what I may do is separate the different splotches of color and decide before hand what I want to spin together, and make sure that the draft will be more predictable. Does that sound controlling to you?

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


  1. So...did you spin all the yarn in your bag? Just wondering... How much is in that hank of yarn?

  2. Yes, it is controlling. But, you want the color's to be what you will use. So I think that is a good thing. I think that it looks good from the picture.

  3. Yes, it still sounds controlling. I have trouble spinning like that since I like thin smooth handspun but once you can let go it's really fun. Enjoy!

  4. Have fun exploring new things! It will turn out wonderful.