Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First day back to work!

I had my day planned.  I would feed the chickens and goats, take my run with Scout, then feed her when she was quiet.  I had already hung out the clothes to dry, and straightened up a bit inside.  I had planned to go straight to work re-threading the white 12/3 cotton warp that is on the little Leclerc.   I wanted to take out the center 2 motifs and just have a twill in the center of the towel, and a motif in each corner.

 There are 4 motifs in this original threading and I think it is too busy. I think it would make stupendous napkins in all white.

That is not exactly how my day went. You see, I found something while Scout and I  were running this morning, or I suppose I should say he found us!

He is 7 to 9 months old, and sooo skinny!  He has ribs showing!  There is a collar (too small), but no tags, I took him in to the vet to see if he has a microchip, he doesn't. ( I had him dewormed while we were there!) I have called the area vets to see if he has been reported missing, so far nothing.

He is a Great Pyrenees, but so thin he doesn't seem it!  I don't want to put him in with Scout cause she is just too dominant, so I fenced off a section of the goat pen for him.  We did spend about an hour with the goats, and unlike Scout, he behaved himself wonderfully!  No chasing of goats or chickens!  I am going to put a notice on Craigslist for the owner, but I don't expect to find one.  In the mean time we will fatten him up, and see if we can place him with some nice folks, that just need what is going to be a gigantic dog.

This is what the goats thought of him. There was much stamping of hooves and huffing.  He would just wag his tail and pay them no mind. It was hilarious!  I am waiting to see what Dear One has to say on the subject, but we really do not need 2 big dogs!!!

I did get to that threading late in the afternoon, I hope to be weaving samples on Friday so that I will have something to post over on Loomy Tunes!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Ooooooh! So cute! Why, oh, why do people have to be so stupid when it comes to dogs? But then again, they must know you're there to take care of them! Are you sure you don't need some furry help with the goats?

  2. He is adorable. I agree with Maggie, what is wrong with people. Maybe, just maybe somebody is looking for him? He could be the outdoor dog and Scout could be the indoor dog. Be nice Tina.

  3. He may have been abandoned, or he may have just wondered away. Pyrs are know for their wondering ways!

  4. He was found by just the right person!!! In the meantime, your towels will look great!

  5. I think you should keep him! Pyrs are wonderful farm dogs. I am so glad I have one! They are such gentle giants.

  6. Two dogs is the perfect number! What a sweet face. It is a great thing when people rescue animals and help them, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping this gentle giant. In my family we are on our 3rd rescue dog, each of them have been jewels and we are so happy they have been in our lives. Oh and before I forget, the napkins are going to be stupendous.

  7. I think he's found a great home where he'll be loved. Kudos to you for taking him in. I think that your towels will be great either way.