Monday, April 16, 2012

Farm Stuff

This weekend I have been working on fencing in the wooded area of our small "farm", so that the goats can have fresh grazing.  I finally finished it up this morning, whew!  Pounding posts and stringing fencing is not for the faint at heart!  I took some pics this morning of the latest things happening around here.

This young lady has decided that she would like to hatch out some eggs, thank you very much!  She is the same breed as my roosters so I am going to let her do it.  I checked last night and she had 1 egg!  If only I had know she was going broody, I would have saved her a couple of her eggs from the last couple of days!

 The Pyr Pup is very careful not to disturb!  I am not so sure about the goats however! They are likely to pluck her feathers out!  If they really start doing damage, I can close up that door to keep them out.
I got this nice shot by taking 2 pictures in a row, at the sound of the first he perks up his ears and sometimes he will cock his head to the side as well.

Here he is checking out the woods with the goats.  They are still very watchful of him, but at least they don't move around all bunched together now!  He is in with them full time now, and he is doing very well.

 He was introduced to my in-town grandchildren this weekend.  Again, he was wonderful.  My 4 year old grandaughter M pronounced that he was "Indescribably gentle"!  Of course she is comparing him with Scout, who is a wild woman! No word about who is owners could be, I will give it another couple of weeks, then I will proceed with the neutering and he will be ours, and we can name him.  Dear One likes Duke, and I don't.  The in town grandchildren like Skippy, I don't.  I like Hagrid, they don't!  We are at an impasse!  Good thing we have a couple of weeks to think about it!

Finally, this is a shot of the playing field.  It was put to the test on Easter Sunday.  It was the site of the Easter Egg Hunt, it was the soccer field, the wiffle-ball field, and the Crochet field.  It was wonderful to have so much room to use for the kids!

Dear One is right, it looks so much better than the garden gone wild of years past!

It is lunch time for me, and then I will go upstairs to the fiber studio to re-thread a loom, and maybe do some wool combing.  It will be much gentler on my body than pounding fence posts into the ground was!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. So glad to see the pup fitting in around the farm. I knew he would! How about Dumbledore? Personally, I think Hagrid fits him perfectly

  2. Hagrid's dog was Fluffy....just saying. Regardless, that looks like one very happy dog! And, he looks so gentle with the other critters at the Farmstead. I'm glad to hear you are keeping him.

  3. I just knew he would be wonderful! How about Zamboni? LOL. It was suggested to me when I was trying to decide on what to name Max. After all he will be big and white like ice!

  4. He is so cute. Glad he is getting along with everybody. He looks like a Rex to me. Hagrid is different but cute.

  5. Fluffy was a black dog...just say'in