Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting ready for the class!

Lou Ann and I are going to be team teaching 2 classes this weekend at the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival,   in Townsend.  Lou Ann's class, Amish Inspired Mug Rugs, has 3 students signed up and my Inkle Woven Bookmarks or Belt class, has as yet no students signed up.  That is okay, we will come prepared to take walk ins, and if we don't get anyone for the afternoon class we can either take a class ourselves or go home, two wonderful options!

I have been gathering the items I will need to teach the class.  One of my Inkle Looms  still has a warp on it and I decided that I had better weave it off, just in case we needed that loom.

The project on the loom is the Celtic Knot Belt I started eons ago and I have to admit I lost interest half way through.  I passed the loom off to someone else and evidently, it didn't do a thing for her as either.  A few weeks ago, the loom came back to me, still half done.  This morning, I was refreshing my memory, and I reprinted the chart, and I set to work.

There are 6 rows to this pattern.  Each of those squares represents one of the 13 pattern warp threads on this warp.  The pattern warp threads are a contrasting color to the background threads, and they are heavier as well, in this case they are triple the background warp. To get the pattern to develop, you open the shed and then you choose which of the pattern strands will remain up or down according to the chart.  The  background threads weave in the normal manner, up then down.   I began to weave, and it really wasn't looking right at all.  I took it out and tried again, still there was something wrong.  I thought okay, let's just keep going this time and see what happens.

After the first complete pattern I realized what I had done, but I did 2 full repeats of the pattern to show you what had happened.  I had reversed the chart!  The pattern threads I was supposed to push up, I pushed down and those that were supposed to go down, I pushed them up!  I think it is every bit as beautiful as the original!  Now I will take it out and finish this in the original, but I am going to totally keep this in mind for the future!  You just never know what you will discover by accident, do you?

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. How interesting!!!! I do like that pattern...don't throw it away!!!

  2. Very interestng. Looks nice.

  3. Interesting result! Thanks for sharing the details with us. I hope your class goes well.