Monday, February 27, 2012

White Feathers!

I must admit it, I love my February socks!  I got the pattern on  Ravelry, "Rainbow Socks".  They were a bear to do, at least the first one was, mostly because of operator error, but all in all it was worth the fuss.  I didn't worry about trying to match the color order, but they came out remarkably similar!  I modified the pattern a little, mostly by using a 2x2 rib on the legs to make them fit snug. Finished February 25th, not bad, I hope the March socks go a little smoother.

Happy feet!

Ages ago I replaced the metal pull rods on my 8 harness loom with Texsolv.  I then, had a terrible time trying to get a decent shed to pass the shuttle through, and like I tend to do, I chickened out and I put the poor thing in isolation/ hibernation until I could summon up the courage to work on it. It has probably been more than a year since that happened and today was the day.  I thought to myself, don't be a chicken any longer, you have got to face your fears!  All of a sudden, I  thought about comparing the length of the metal rod to the length of the Texsolv, made some very minor adjustments and ecco fatto, a decent shed!

You can see the Texsolv running up the side of the loom right here,  I will probably adjust a tiny bit more when I go back upstairs after this post.

This is the first few inches of the last scarf on this warp.  It is black bamboo and rayon colors.  I am loving it! (I need to load a bigger bobbin next time, this one tends to wrap yarn around the rod.)

This week I have been feeling a bit under the weather.  Nasty cough, and sore throat, but no fever.  (I wonder if I inhaled too much dust last Tuesday when we were sorting stuff in the annex at Tuesday Weavers? )  That means that I have not run with my dog, Scout, for 2 days.  I let her run around the yard yesterday morning but it is not quite the same as a good 2 mile run.  She has  therefore, been a little more antsy than her usual antsy self.

 This morning when I went out to feed, I was saw several piles of white feathers in her pen!  I looked all over the pen, and did not see a dead chicken.  I looked in the neighboring goat pen, no dead chicken, I looked in chicken yard, no dead chicken.  Finally, I looked in the hen house, and sure enough, there was
Roo2,  he was on the roost looking slightly bedraggled and definitely partially de-plumed, but he was alive and I even saw him eating later too!  I can't catch him during the day, so it is a watch and see situation.  If  Roo1 will leave him alone, he will recover and once his feathers grow back, he will be able to fly over the fence once again to his own peaceful kingdom with the goats.  Now, I wonder if he will remember to not wander into the dog pen?

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Would you consider that to be a learning experience????? LOL!!! Love the socks!

  2. Love the socks. I hope that Roo2 makes it. I hope you feel well enough to join us at weaving tomorrow.

  3. The socks Rock! Poor Roo2, hopefully he will remember not to cross into enemy territory again.