Friday, February 3, 2012

It is all part of it.

I got an email last week through my Etsy shop.  It seems that there was someone interested in one of my rugs, but she really wanted it wider, say 4 x 6ft.  I have plenty of the weft in question left but, I had a good idea that none of my looms would be wide enough to allow me to undertake such a job.  I wrote her back and told her as much, but that I would put out the word to see if I could track a loom down that would do the trick.

All it took was an email to the Tuesday Weavers, and they reminded me that there was a 60inch loom getting ready to come back to the center!  I was thrilled, and I contacted the client to let her know. I told here that it would be a couple of weeks before I could start weaving, but that if she was still interested in a custom made rug that I could get the warp and weft ready to go, so that when the loom was ready, I would be too.

I heard back from her 3 days later, they had decided to not go with this rug, but that she would be contacting me in the near future for a different project.  Now some of you might think that I was disappointed at hearing this.  On the contrary, I have learned that this is not unusual, and it in fact has happened to me many times. Sometimes it is the cost of handwoven goods, and sometimes it is the fact that it does take some time to do a custom order.  At any rate,  I am looking forward to having access to a loom for larger rugs, the mind just ponders the possibilities!   I also learned, or should I say was reminded that The Tuesday Weavers are always there when you need them, and for that I am thankful!

I have been working in the evenings on my February Sock yarn project.  Here is the pattern I chose.

The complexity of this pattern requires that I do one sock at a time.  I had gotten  about halfway through one sock, when I realized that it was going to be entirely too loose.  So I ripped it out to the cuff and I tried again, this time I didn't increase the 4 stitches to 60,....

...and I did it in 2x2 rib.  I think they are the funniest socks I have ever done! They look and feel wonderful on my leg, nice and snug.  I can't wait to get past the heel and see what the foot does with fewer stitches.

That is it for now, Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I love the colors in that sock...and it's making such an interesting pattern!