Saturday, January 21, 2012

White Warp

 I have finally decided to use one of the 100 yd, white, 12/3 cotton warps,  that I bought last spring, when the Tuesday Weavers bought the stash from the estate of a local  Mountain Weaver.

Wednesday I tried to load 2 warps at once and ended up deciding that the warp would be too wide for my little loom.  I am using the warp on the right, in the green tote.

 I am warping back to front this time, since it is such a long warp,  I also have put in 2 sets of lease sticks to improve the tension as it loads onto the back beam.
Little Alice, the Leclerc I got last year has a very interesting paper storage system.  You can see the paper roll on the left on a broomstick, and the warp beam on the right.  I hold my hand on the paper roll as I wind on to add a little more drag.

Here it is in action.  There are several breaks in the paper so that you can shift it over a bit every once in awhile if you need to.

After 2 hrs of winding on, straightening the warp, giving a good tug in sections, and then winding some more,  I ran across a problem.  I have run out of paper!  I really don't know how much I was able to wind on but it was a lot!

I re-tied the cross, cut between the 2 crosses, and put the rest of the warp back in the tub.  I think that the next time I go up to work in the Studio, I will measure what is left in the tub to get an idea of how much is on the loom. (Nope, I just went up there and their is just  one chain in the tub and it just keeps going, I am not undoing it to measure, I will have to keep track of what I weave to figure out how much is left in the tub!)

It doesn't look like I have made a dent in this warp chain, maybe 1/4 of the tote has been used!  I may have more than one warp in this tote after all! (Nope, just one enormous chain!)

Before I stopped for the morning, I was able to get halfway through the Waffle Weave threading, which will be the first of  many threadings I will use on this warp. I am looking forward to weaving with one shuttle, instead of the two shuttles I normally use with my Overshot projects.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. What a long warp. I am exhausted just reading.

  2. So many wonderful possibilities for that warp (and all of the other warps!) I can't wait to hear how much you end up weaving with what you put on the beam.

  3. I wish I would have read this before I started my curtain lace warp, to see the two sets of lease sticks in action. I'm having trouble with the tension; I've already broken two threads and scared the dog with my crazy-woman yelling at the loom.

    Waffle is fun; just watch out to make sure all the threads are caught in each throw! That was my problem, anyway!

  4. I'm so behind on reading blogs that I thought I'd pick one of yours at random to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. All of you Tuesday Weavers are so fortunate to have that "laboratory" for weaving.