Monday, January 23, 2012

Waffle Heaven!

I like waffles as much as the next person, I really like them with peanut butter on them.  I like to run my fork through the peanut butter and hot syrup until the peanut butter is in tiny little flakes.  It works really well with french toast too, but that isn't really the waffles I was going to talk about, I just got sidetracked!

I want to show you Little Alice's warp.  I  finished threading and sleying at 12 EPI, tied on and even wove a sample, all in just a few hours. I wasn't happy with the 12 EPI after that first sample, so I then re-sleyed to 14 EPI, which was what I thought might be the right one, considering that it had been wound in bouts of 7.

I am really enjoying the one shuttle weaving!  It is such a welcome change from Overshot's 2 shuttles.

Here area a couple of beauty shots!

They are weaving up at just shy of 12 inches, I think I will do a couple of towels at 30 inches and then finish and wash them to see how they turn out.  I will weave on this for awhile then go back to the Overshot Blankets that I still have to work on. 

It will be nice to have a greater variety of  things to weave in the studio.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Those look like such of these days I want to try that!

  2. Is there pink and blue in the yarn, or is that your camera?

  3. They will make very nice towels.