Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Finished It!

After 4 tries, and close to 3 years, I have  finished a garment that fits my Dear One, using my own handspun!  I first made a sweater that fit his best friend who is much larger than he is, then one sweater that fit me, much smaller than he is. (I know I have a problem with gauge!) The last sweater was going along well enough, when  he told me he thought he might like a vest better.  ( Of course, I had already made the sleeves for the sweater!)

I pulled out his favorite vest, and measured it.  Picked a simple vest pattern from Ravelry as a template, then I did a swatch with the needle size that gave me the fabric I wanted.  I plugged my gauge into the pattern I had picked, took a deep breath and started again.

I pulled out the vest, several times to measure and make sure I was on the right track.  Each time it  looked good.  I learned a new technique to shape the shoulder using short rows instead of decreasing in steps.  It was beautiful and left live stitches I could easily join, using the 3 needle bind off.   I took extra care to decrease several stitches aroung the back of the neck band so that it would fit snug and not flop around.   Instead of using a mitered v in the neckline binding, I overlapped it at the v, and sewed it down invisibly.

 Before I wove in all the ends I had Dear One try it on, and It Fits!  I wove in the final loose ends tonight and it is in the closet ready to go.  (I had already steamed it this morning to make it look good at weaving today.)  

I can't believe that it is finally over.  This project has been over my head for too long.  Now I can move on to my other projects, hurray!

This is one of my projects in progress.  It is my January Sock yarn Scarf project.  I had it almost finished after only one week, when I ran out of yarn with three rows to go!  I went down a couple of needle sizes and I really like the fabric even better.   I am also glad that it  happened for another reason, too.  My "In town" daughter amazingly, had a skein of this very same yarn, that she offered to me since she only had the one, and it was in a scarf project she didn't really like anyway.

I gladly accepted the yarn and have tweeked the pattern to make it a wider scarf.  It is looking good, I am over half way, and  now that the vest is finished I can use my TV hours in the evening to finish the scarf.  (I still have a week before the end of the month.)

Tomorrow, it is back to the Waffle Weave towels.  I am making four for my own kitchen.  I am thinking that the towels are going to be too narrow, since Waffle Weave really draws in.  We shall see, for my kitchen I won't be that picky.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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  1. Yeah!!! The vest is DONE!!! It does look sooooo nice, and it feels great, too! That handspun yarn worked up so nicely.