Friday, December 16, 2011

Something Special!

This always makes me think of the kids!

 We spent 11 years in Italy as Church Planters.  Our first year was quite difficult for us all.  Italy has many wonderful foods that we had to get used to, and we did in a very short time.  One of the foods that is pure Italian is Nutella.

I would have never let my kids touch the stuff before that first hard year, but I have to tell you we were looking for comfort wherever we could find it!  It is 50% sugar, and the add says, "It is as good for you now as it was for your mother then!"  What exactly is that saying anyway!

My Daughter has gotten me to sign up for Pinterest.  I still haven't gotten my invite, but while I was peeking at the page they let you look at, I saw a recipe for homemade Nutella!

This is all you need!  I took me awhile to find the Hazelnuts, but I kept at it until I found them.  I couldn't find them already shelled though.

There are several recipes, I chose the one from the Oh-Nuts website.
3/4 cup hazelnuts, toasted and with that skin removed, then chopped and pureed in a food processor til smooth.
3 squares bakers chocolate, melted in a double boiler
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
and 3 T of honey

Add the chocolate mixture to the hazelnuts in the food processor.  Mix away til blended, you may have to add a little bit of milk to thin it down a bit. It will keep for a month in the fridge, but I am sure it won't be there that long!

This is absolutely yummy!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. YUM! I wonder if you could make it with almonds????

  2. Oh my, that is purely delish! The bread looks so inviting and the chocolate, well what is not to like about chocolate....sigh I can feel my will power ebbing.....

  3. YES PLEASE!!!!! :) :)

  4. Surely there must be a place to find hazelnuts shelled around here? We get ours from A&B distributing in Knoxville, but I don't know if they sell to the public. You should look them up! Because you will need to make a LOT more of that stuff! And share! You know who with, too!