Monday, December 5, 2011

New Placemat Warp

There are as many ways to put on a warp as there are kinds of looms.  They all, however, are all about taming yarn, lots of yarn!  I have 2 looms with sectional back beams, and I can put a really long warp on those, (so far the longest has been 40 yards on both at the same time.)

Today, I am putting a 12 yard warp on the newest Leclerc, Alice.  She is only 28 inches wide, she is so cute! She does not however, have a sectional back beam, so I am using my warping board. This warp has the 3 colors that I showed you last time, and they are spread throughout the warp.  I wound each color individually, and threaded through the reed, placing each thread in it's proper place.

The foundation is laid by the color that is most predominant.   This took a little doing, because I am also using a 15 dent reed for a 10 epi warp.  I had to watch the color progression, and skip that 4th dent too!

Then I laid in the medium color.

Then the dark color, I had to correct a couple of mistakes along the way, I told you it was tricky!  I think it looks really nice, I can't wait to weave some up!

This afternoon I got it threaded, and this evening I may see if I can get it wound on.  If not then Wednesday for sure, tomorrow is Tuesday, so I am tied up with the weavers during the middle of the day, and then in the evening I have Knit Night at the Panera in town. Busy, Busy, Busy!

Next week, I will have to do a major Studio clean up!  My daughter and her Husband are coming in for the Holiday Season, and their bed is in the Studio overflow room! (Heavens there is even camping gear in there!)   I have one small light weight loom going to a new home, and a ton of sorting and organizing to do!   I do have their bed already made up though, so that is something.

Now, let's go wind one on!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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  1. Lookin' good!!!! That is going to be a fun warp to weave.