Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Place-mat Warp 2

I don't usually weave on Thursday since it is our day off.  This afternoon Dear One went on an errand, so I went up and wove  the first place-mat.   I had chosen the fabric last night and had already cut 2 shuttles worth of strips.  

I cut the strips to 3/4 inch. and pressed them folded in half.  I didn't really  fuss about the fabric in the shed, sometimes it was straight and sometimes it was twirled a bit, I just let it be. Next batch I may try a wider weft to accentuate the fun threading, maybe as much as 1.5 inches.  These are wide place-mats 16 inches in the reed, each place-mat will be 21 inches in length with 2 inches on each side for the hem.   This 12 yard warp should yield 16 place-mats, or maybe 12 place-mats and a runner. (if my math is correct!)


 A close-up....

Straight on.....

 I chose to do a hemmed edge instead of a fringed edge, I usually do.  I think it gives the piece a longer life.  I was able to do a bit on this second place-mat, before it was time to feed the critters. 

I may do a lighter fabric next set,  I plan to do 6 place-mats for both fabrics.  

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I think it's amazing how the design in the fabric dances around on the mat. How fun!!!

  2. That looks very nice! I like the colors you chose. Your Christmas tree looks nice, too!

  3. Like your fabric choice, very pretty. I always enjoy seeing how fabric strips look when they are woven up, usually never how I imagine them to look. Agree with you about using hems on the placemats, fringe looks yuckky after a few washes and wears out much to fast. Happy weaving!