Thursday, December 1, 2011


I was packing up my inventory to send to the Nashville Show, when I realized that I am really low on a couple  things!  For example, I only have one set of  placemats and  1 runner, and I hope they sell this week!  I was casting about for ideas, and my eyes fell upon the Hollywood threading in the Rag Rug Book.  I first saw this threading on a loom that Lou Ann bought a couple of years ago.  We were first fascinated by the colors that were used, light and dark purple, pink and yellow!  It took Lou Ann some time to figure out the best treadling for this threading, turns out is was 2x2 twill.

Let me see if  I can give you an example of  what it will look like,

',' ,', ',' ,', ///\\\///\\\ ,', ',' ,', ',' ,', ',' ,', ',' ///\\\///\\\ ,', ',' ,', ','  ( this is the threads as they appear in the rug, sort of.)

OK, that took forever!  One of the cool things is that the chicken track  formed by the ',' are either light or dark and the ones that are opposite are well, the opposite! Also, the twill parts are divided between light and dark as well.

In the Rag Rug book, they use black and white as their light and dark, I think I will soften it up a bit and use tan for my light and 2 shades of blue for my dark.

I haven't yet decided how I am going to split up the blues, I will try it out on the weavedesign program first.  This is a wonderful tool that we ran across on the Pike Peaks Guild website.  The program is provided for free, though you are encouraged to send a donation to help defray their costs.  I can play for quite awhile using the program, and not have to waste time doing it in real life!

I have however, begun to wind the tan, I am doing a 12 yard warp, that should be enough to last awhile.  I   have chosen to use 10 epi, and I will use rag strips as weft.  I could of course use bunched carpet warp as weft as well, and I may try it too.  I do have carpet warp!


That is it for today, Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

ETA: Photos  of weave design, emphasis on dark on top, emphasis on light on the bottom. I think I will go with the top one!


  1. I can't wait to see what you decide on....they will look fantastic either way. And, since you just treadle twill, they will finish up quickly.

  2. I can't wait to see this rug! It is going to be so neat!!

  3. Very cool, hurry up and weave I want to see it!

  4. Very interesting. That will be fun.