Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Blow Dryer and Plastic Bags!

These two items may seem totally unrelated.  Usually they are, however today they played a major role in the last task I had to do before we put the booth together at the Foothills Craft Show in Knoxville tomorrow.

You see, I have one of the Bakers Racks that we will use in our booth this weekend, and I thought that I might be able to just scrub it up a little, and maybe a waxing would make it look as right as rain.  I was wrong, and to top it off it was raining cats and dogs around here today!  Luckly, I had purchased some spray paint that would work. 

The instructions state that it needs to be clean and dry before painting, the temp needs to be between 50F and 97F, with low humidity.  As far as the temp was concerned I was good, but the humidity was 100%.  I could do nothing about that!  I dragged the thing off of the porch and scrubbed away in the pouring rain.  I then let the rain rinse it off, and pulled it back on the porch.

I layed out some huge plastic bags underneath, I couldn't find my tarp, and I began to dry it with a towel.  Then I pulled out the blow dryer, just to make sure it was dry.  It was still pouring down the rain!

I draped more garbage bags around the out side edge to cut down on the over spray, and I began to paint.  I have never used spray paint before, but it was as easy as pie!  I painted every available surface and thought that I had done a pretty good job, but when the first painting session was dry, I turned it on it's side to find a whole new angle of unpainted metal!  (Still raining, and I am such a rule follower, normally I would have obeyed the rules, but today I had no choice!)

Again, I put drapes around to cut down on the mess.  I only used one can of paint, and I still have enough to do touch ups if I need to. 

Do you have any idea how long I have been putting this project off, simply because I was intimidated by the process?!  A couple of years at least!  The rain has finally stopped, and the rack looks beautiful!  It is already dry and waiting to be loaded up tomorrow morning.

I wonder how many other things I have put off, only to find that the dreading of the task was much harder than the actual doing of it!  When we are done with the show this weekend, I am going to look around and make a list of those things, and Dear One better watch out, he may not want to get in my way!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I did the touch up painting on mine before we did the road trip!!! I knew it would be tricky to drag it outside after we unloaded those big ole boxes! I just want it to be dry in the morning when we load up!!!

  2. Oh, my. Sorry you had to do that in the rain. We all have done that dreading to do something. Then the doing is not as bad as the dreading.